Es ist gleichzeitig mobil und absolut sicher fixierbar. This frame built using components from Line 10 of the MB Building Kit System is extremely strong and therefore perfect for getting heavy items of material to where they are needed. While a mobile solution, it can also be fixed securely in place. Made from Line 10 elements, this machine base is stable and safe. The opening at the rear allows lines and connections to be fed through to the machine, while the door on the front protects work benches from noise, dirt and accidents. The shape and arrangement of the doors and elements can be customised to suit specific needs — a typical feature of item solutions.

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Extension state : BA ME. Kind code of ref document : A1. Effective date : Kind code of ref document : B1. Ref country code : GB. Ref legal event code : FG4D. Ref country code : CH. Ref legal event code : EP. Ref country code : AT. Ref legal event code : REF. Ref document number : Country of ref document : AT.

Kind code of ref document : T. Ref country code : IE. Ref country code : DE. Ref legal event code : R Country of ref document : DE. Ref country code : SE. Ref legal event code : TRGR. Ref country code : ES.

Ref legal event code : FG2A. Country of ref document : ES. Kind code of ref document : T3. Ref country code : NL. Ref legal event code : T3. Ref country code : LT. Ref legal event code : MG4D. Ref country code : FI. Ref country code : GR. Ref country code : NO. Ref country code : PT. Ref country code : BG. Ref country code : HR. Ref country code : IS. Ref country code : RS. Ref country code : LV.

Ref country code : CY. Ref country code : SK. Ref country code : DK. Ref country code : RO. Ref country code : EE. Ref country code : PL. Ref country code : MC. Ref country code : LU. Ref legal event code : MM4A. Ref country code : FR. Ref legal event code : PLFP. Year of fee payment : 4. Ref country code : SI. Ref legal event code : PL. Ref country code : TR. Ref country code : MT. Ref country code : HU.

Ref country code : LI. Year of fee payment : 5. Payment date : Ref country code : SM. Year of fee payment : 6. Ref country code : MK. Ref legal event code : EUG. Ref legal event code : MM. Ref country code : AL. Ref legal event code : MM Year of fee payment : 8. Ref country code : CZ. Ref country code : BE. Ref country code : IT. An ultra-high-strength screw with a bainite structure, a screw connection with such a screw and a component and a method for producing such a screw are known from the German patent application DE 10 A1 known.

The bainite structure was produced by interstage tempering and extends substantially over the entire cross section of the screw. Due to the bainite structure, the screw has extremely high strength values in conjunction with maximum toughness values. Further prior art is in the section "prior art" of the German patent application described above DE 10 A1 described.

Further prior art is the examination method of the German patent application described above DE 10 known. These are the documents DE 28 17 C2. DE 1 A. DE 23 26 A. DE 07 T2. A high-strength screw with a bainite structure is further from the Japanese patent application JP 09 known. In the local table 2, the 0. The ninth column to the right shows values for the tensile strength R m.

By dividing the values of column 8 by those of column 9, yield ratios of between 0. The invention has for its object to provide a high-strength screw with high ductility, which is well suited for a multiple suit. The object of the invention is achieved with the features of the independent claims. Further preferred embodiments according to the invention can be found in the dependent claims. The invention relates to a high-strength screw with a bainite structure, which has a yield ratio of at least 0.

The invention further relates to a screw connection with such a high-strength screw and a component which is screwed to the high-strength screw. The invention also relates to a method for producing a high-strength screw, in which a screw having a bainite structure is heat-treated such that the screw obtains a yield ratio of at least 0. Yield ratio: The ratio of yield strength is understood to mean the ratio of the 0.

Heretofore, in the state of the art high-strength screws have essentially understood screws of strength classes 8. Equal expansion: Under the uniform elongation referred to in the tensile test on the initial length plastic change in length under load of the screw with the tensile strength R m associated force understood.

The uniform expansion thus indicates that the screw does not constrict in this area, but expands uniformly. The new screw thus has a yield ratio of between 0. The screw plasticizes and then undergoes virtually no further solidification on further tightening until it breaks.

Such a screw is optimally suited for tightening the screw connection by yield-limit-controlled tightening methods as well as methods with a joining moment plus angle of rotation.

Elongation ratios of greater than 1 mean that the screw has its maximum strength and thus prestressing force when it reaches the yield point, and that the prestressing force subsequently drops slightly to a constant level again see Fig. In a suit over torque and angle of rotation, this slight drop is not a problem. The new screw with the high yield ratio is also particularly well suited for a yield limit controlled tightening process. Since this slope deviates from the Hooke's straight line at the yield point, the yield point can be detected by this change.

In the prior art, however, this detection was virtually impossible or difficult, since the materials used have no pronounced yield strength and thus the transition from the Hooke's straight line in the plastic range is only comparatively slow and uncharacteristic. At the new yield ratio of the screw according to the invention of about 1, this transition is now clearly visible and thus clearly and cleanly detectable even under relatively harsh operating conditions.


EP2594653B1 - Ultra high strength screw having a high yield ratio - Google Patents

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