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Cement concrete slabs CCS for road pavement has many ad-vantages such as high Young modulus and long life expectancy, but this type of road pavement needs transverse joints contraction joints, expansion joints and construction joints that adversely affect the using process. Recently, many scientists have been studying solutions to increase the size length and width of cement concrete slabs in order to increase the smoothness of the road pavement and reduce the amount of raining water penetrating into joints. In this paper, the authors study and propose solutions to use reinforcement to reduce the amount of joints on cement concrete pavement which bring a better using process of this road pavement type. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

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Prior - Viability researching report was approved by Minister in May, This route always serves one of the greatest amount of traffic all over Vietnam.

The projects has complied with route directions, cross-section scale, scale and location of bridges and intersections in project plan as well as in assessment report by Ministry of Transports.

Your internet browser has disabled JavaScript. Website only work when it enable. To see how to enable JavaScript, Please click here! Home Project Implementing project. You did not use the site, Click here to remain logged. Timeout: 60 second. Standards of bridge design. Technical survey for pile foundation design and construction. Design Survey Process of highway foundation the weak ground.

Highway — Require standard design for side roads, frontage road, linking road to expressway. Design process of bridges and drains in limited situation applied for drain design. Geological Survey and stabilizing method design Process of road foundation with slide act and collapse. Assessing process on environment effects on project and design. Design standards on human-made lighting on road, street, urban square.

Design and Handling Design Process on weak ground with absorbing rush. Technical-geo cloth in foundation building on weak ground.

Standard of solid road concrete — technical requirement and experiment methods.



Vietnamese standard TCVN : Third Edition. When designing rural roads, provisions for appropriate road class in this standard could be applied. In the case of highway design involving other works such as railway, irrigation work, or the highway passing over residential area, urban area, cultural and historic relics etc. The following reference materials are very important in applying the standard. The materials without issuance date might be applied with the latest edition including revised editions.

BS EN 10270-1 PDF

Study and propose the size of cement concrete slabs for airport road surface in Vietnam conditions



Standard TCXDVN 104-2007 Urban Road (en)


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