Panthers are all about Academics, Activities, Athletics and Arts! We proud of our diverse student population and we encourage leadership and involvement on our campus. Welcome to the Panther Family! Students have many opportunities for advancement via Honors and Accelerated courses, as well as various high school level courses offered to 8th graders.

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Panthers are all about Academics, Activities, Athletics and Arts! We proud of our diverse student population and we encourage leadership and involvement on our campus. Welcome to the Panther Family! Students have many opportunities for advancement via Honors and Accelerated courses, as well as various high school level courses offered to 8th graders. CCMS has 4 counselors! Parents are critical partners in everything we do here at CCMS.

We have an amazing group of involved parents who do so much for our school and our students. Explore this section to see how you can get involved. Athletics are a great part of the CCMS experience.

CCMS Athletics focus on learning and practicing responsibility, respect and integrity. In class we read pgs. Counseling CCMS has 4 counselors! Course Selection Sheets. Forms Please access necessary forms here. Athletics Home Game Cancelations. Upcoming Assignments No upcoming assignments.

Past Assignments Due: Monday , June 8 Assignment Projects were due today, but many students have to email me presentations and sources.

Only those received by the end of the day today will be considered on time. Due: Thursday , June 4 Assignment Final projects due tomorrow. Enjoy time with family and friends. Also there are a couple of extra credit opportunities as discussed in class.

Attached you will find two handouts that relate to the extra credit. No student may earn more than a combined points of extra credit. This includes restroom passes, etc. Students will not have access to Chromebooks on Thursday so they MUST bring items to work on the project that does not require the use of Chromebooks or other electronics.

Students can work on revising their writing and peer editing, if they are working on digital presentations. Due: Tuesday , May 19 Assignment Students should have chosen a topic and project format for final project with parent signature.

Please review carefully and feel free to ask any questions that you may have in regards to the instructions. Due: Thursday , May 14 Assignment Students will write down 5 ideas for research for their final project. Due: Tuesday , May 12 Assignment Be prepared for discussion tomorrow, by reviewing the quotes we highlighted in class. La Malinche- 2ndo capitulo preguntas de comprension. Due: Tuesday , April 28 Assignment Aztec Unit Test, students should review all readings and have those readings in their interactive notebooks.

Due: Thursday , April 23 Assignment Today in class:. Students read independently pps. Very important, this may be in exam next week. Students worked in group to answer questions about the novel. See pgs. Due: Tuesday , April 21 Assignment In class today..

Students wrote a 10 sentences opinion on whether she deserves the title of evil and a traitor. Due: Monday , April 13 Assignment No homework. Universo Azteca 2. Due: Tuesday , April 7 Assignment No homework. Due: Thursday , March 19 Assignment These are the assignments for homework packet 3 due tomorrow:. Due: Tuesday , March 17 Assignment No homework. Students should review their grades on recent assignments to ensure that I have received their work and it has been appropriately recorded.

There will be no homework assigned for Spring Break. But there will be extra credit assignments available. Due: Thursday , February 26 Assignment Students that have not yet turned in their final draft of comparative essay need to bring their essay to class tomorrow.

Due: Tuesday , February 24 Assignment No homework. Due the possibility of an evacuation drill we did not print essays in school today. I will do so at 9pm tonight. That gives students a few extra hours if they need them to work on essay. Annotated legend students have different legends, it may be De como los quetzales se volvieron verdes, El misterio de Chichen Itza, or El pajaro carpintero y nuestro padre el maiz.

Students can work on these essays up to Monday not on Monday. Essays will printed at school. Due: Thursday , February 19 Assignment Students will continue working on their ensayos comparativos. They will be printed then at the schools computer lab. Most students were able to finish typing it and shared it with me during class time, but if they have not.

Essays should be 4 paragraphs long. Follow the essay outline AND format given in class. If students have not yet shared it with me and are having technical difficulties, please contact me at the above address as well. Due: Thursday , February 12 Assignment Students will write first draft of comparative essay on two Mayan legends.

They should use their in class outlines to complete this draft. The draft should be handwritten in a lined sheet of paper skipping every other line for readability OR they can use their school provided google docs and saved it to their drive for easy access on Thursday.

Due: Tuesday , February 10 Assignment Espacio de una gran cultura handout. Late or incomplete work will not be accepted, if you have any questions please see me during lunch tomorrow! Due: Monday , February 2 Assignment No homework. Bring your legend fully annotated unless I collected yours as a sample from your group.

Due: Tuesday , January 27 Assignment No homework. Due: Monday , January 26 Assignment In class today If it if from a book, student must bring a photocopy of the legend or a summary of the legend. The title and author of the source must also be included to receive full credit. Students will turn in their first homework packet for the Spring Semester. This packet includes:. All items must be stapled in that order. Assignments have been stamped for timeliness.

Students missing assignments should see me before Monday to receive additional copies, assignment 4 is available online on a previous homework page. Thank you students and parents for all your generous donations to Pennies for Patients.

If you have any more donations, please feel free to stop by during lunch to dropped them off! You all inspired me! Due: Tuesday , January 13 Assignment Finish reading, annotating, and responding to newspaper article. They turned it in at the end of the class. They also turned in their word search homework assignment. Spanish Current event document. Due: Tuesday , January 6 Assignment Students worked on a warm-up question and we began presenting semester projects!

Due: Monday , January 5 Assignment Independent reading project due! Attached you will find the project description and directions. Please make sure to follow instructions carefully.

Due: Monday , December 15 Assignment Students should bring in materials to start working on their independent reading report projects. If students do not bring in their materials they will not receive participation points for the day! Due: Tuesday , December 9 Assignment Students should be reading about 30 minutes every other night this week. Next week they will have a chance to work on their projects in class.

Due: Monday , December 8 Assignment Read from independent reading book 30 minutes minimum. Attached you will find the instructions, they are in Spanish, so let me know if you have any questions. I f I a m doing the additional book for extra credit, can I take the test early so that my grade is impacted as soon as possible? Yes, but only if the additional book is Cajas de carton.

I have copies of this book in class All other tests will happen after Winter break. Due: Tuesday , December 2 Assignment Agenda:.

Due: Tuesday , November 25 Assignment Today's class agenda:.


Spanish Language Arts 7 (Period 1) Assignments

Do you want to practice your Spanish? Spanish Language Forum. Subscribe for free weekly updates from this Spanish Language site. Past Issues. Types of accentuation in Spanish. Before learning about the classification of accents in Spanish, let's first review some concepts about the accent: What is "accent"? Accent is the strength or intensity applied to a syllable when pronounced.


20 Oraciones Con Acento Diacritico


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