Five types of reference beams are available: degree rotating plane, single point, chalk line, scanning mode, and square shot. It has the highest degree of automation in both horizontal and vertical planes. Used to define horizontal, vertical and sloping planes, vertical and right angles. Elegant, simple and fast is the setting of the reference vertical plane with the remote control one plane parallel to the vertical wall.

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Agatec is a top provider of construction lasers and other construction tools and instruments. Agatec's diverse line of equipment includes self-leveling lasers, automatic levels, rotating lasers, laser receivers, laser distance measurers, machine control receivers, theodolites, and site-prep lasers such as dual grade lasers and cone lasers.

Agatec also manufactures the EZ Dig Pro, an innovative and advanced excavator control system. The EZDigPro provides real-time grade and depth readings allowing you to keep working without having to stop to take measurements. If you're looking for top-notch construction and surveying instrumentation that makes your work easier then look no further than Agatec. Before you rent surveying equipment and pay those expensive rental charges spend some time browsing our site to see how much you can save on new and used survey instruments and tools.

Our goal is to help you save big on all of the tools you need to get your work done quickly and accurately. Be sure to bookmark our site and check back often to find the best deals on surveying equipment that you'll find anywhere. Explore our site and check out the wide variety of new and used Agatec lasers and other instruments available for sale at discount prices as a result of our innovative partnership with eBay.

We're confident that you won't find a better selection of equipment or lower prices anywhere else. If you don't see the brand or model of equipment that you're looking for use our equipment search to perform a comprehensive search of all available inventory to find exactly what you need.

FEMO Agatec Construction Lasers Agatec is a top provider of construction lasers and other construction tools and instruments.


rotating laser level Agatec A410S Tools



Agatec Construction Lasers



Automatic laser by Agatec Construction Lasers


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