Parish, Von Edmund. Parish, Edmund. Lang, Andrew. Smith, Proceedings 13, , pp.

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Parish, Von Edmund. Parish, Edmund. Lang, Andrew. Smith, Proceedings 13, , pp. Entertainingly presented collection of apparitional episodes, which the reviewer suspects may be seen by some Society members as frivolous, but says should be also seen as impartial and comprehensive. Flammarion, Camille. A French attempt to emulate the Census of Hallucinations brings 4, replies, of which 1, are affirmative.

Several cases are quoted in the review. Ellis, Robinson. Schiller, Proceedings 25, , pp. Reviews a classic fictional ghost story, in which a deceased young man regularly appears to his mother until his father takes steps to end the haunting.

Vaschide, N. Seymour, St John D. Collection of first and second hand reports of apparitions, banshees and death warnings. Salter, W. Promotes a discriminating approach to the investigation of apparitional phenomena. Bret, Dr P. Reviewed by P-P Solovovo, Journal 31, , pp.

Discussion of apparitions with reference to case material. Bennett, Sir Ernest. Stevens, William Oliver. Describes apparitional cases culled from published investigations. Christie, Kate.

Glanvill, Joseph. Early collection of ghost stories, published in Russell, Eric. Discussion of apparitions blending a mildly critical approach with entertainment. Cavendish, Richard ed.

Includes an introduction by JB Rhine and article on apparitions by Louisa Rhine, both discussed in the review. Green, C. Rogo, D. Fuller, John G. Account of apparitional sightings of a dead pilot following an aircrash in Florida. MacKenzie, Andrew. Study of SPR case material.

Underwood, Peter. The reviewer takes issue with his interpretation of the Cheltenham case and others of his interpretations. Finucane, R. Considers how the dead have been perceived in Western European traditions, what changes have occurred in these perceptions through the centuries, and why these perceptions have altered.

Evans, Hilary. Rae-Ellis, Vivienne. Anecdotes of previously unpublished apparitional experiences, culled from the response to public appeals. Nickell, Joe. Barrington, Mary Rose ed. Coleman, Journal 61, , p. Davies, Rodney. Aksakoff, A. The review contains details of an extended poltergeist attack, of the violent type. Goodrich-Freer, A. Describes haunting phenomena. Podmore criticises the evidence.

Bozzano, Ernesto. Review of psychical research by a prominent Italian investigator. The reviewer offers a short critique of the chapter on poltergeists. Lavater, Lews. Reprint of sixteenth century book on supernormal phenomena. Williams, Joseph J. Local ghost stories, mainly of the poltergeist type. Halifax, Viscount. Collection of anecdotes, of limited research value. Sitwell, Sacheverell. Salter, Journal 31, , pp.

Study of poltergeists, arguing that some major incidents cannot be explained as trickery. Price, Harry. Detailed account of the Borley Rectory haunting, by a psychical researcher involved in investigations. Voluminous study, considering a number of well-known historical and contemporary cases.

The reviewer adds a brief description from his own experience, in Estonia, considering the degree to which the suspicion of fraud must be taken into account. Collins, B. Henning, A. Booklet on Borley apparitional phenomena. Moser, F. Study of poltergeists by a Swiss biologist.

Historical study of poltergeists. Thurston, Herbert. Collected papers by the Catholic commentator on psychical research. Hopkins, R. Collection of ghost stories. Dingwall, Eric J. Stratton, Journal 39, , pp. Close examination of four cases of poltergeists illustrating the hazards lying in wait for the researcher. Fodor, Nandor. Lambert, Journal 40, , pp. Neutral treatment of poltergeist episode. Gallico, Paul. Novel involving the investigation, and eventual debunking, of poltergeist phenomena, based on SPR publications and speculations such as the Underground Water theory.

Nardi, Enzo. Zorab, Journal 41, , pp. Lambert, Journal 42, , pp. Owen, A. Major study by a Cambridge genetics lecturer, with detailed examination of cases and theories. Cohen, David. Grant, Douglas. Dingwall, Journal 43, , pp. Lively narrative of the celebrated eighteenth-century poltergeist case, with the emphasis on the historical events rather than analysis. Plessis, I. Records the statements of principal witnesses in seven South African poltergeist cases brief notice.

Bardens, Dennis. Falls halfway between a serious study and entertaining introduction. Smith, Susy.


Haunted Houses

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Book Reviews: Apparitions, Hauntings and Poltergeists



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