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Rules taken from Natfka :. The other is the extra wound. Assassins have historically came with 2 wounds through he last several editions, and an extra wound was just needed over all this time.

Lets take a quick look at each one. Vindicare: Of course the Vindicare is all about his rifle and its ammmo. She comes with hit and run, move through cover, and a cool new rule Reign of Confusion Reign of Confusion: Can re-roll seize the initiative, and opponent suffers a -3 to the first roll for reserves in the game.

First round appearing can only be hit by snap shots. So Vinidicare — still has auto precision shots and now has Ignores Cover except when snap shooting. Still has similar ammo options before with Shield Breaker ignores invulnerables , Turbo Penetrator S10 against vehicles; D3 wounds against others and Hellfire wounds on 2s.

You can smack them goodbye pretty reliably though and if Warlords ever get down to single wounds; well you can start pegging then.

Also, with Turbopenetrator now being a flat S10 with AP2 along with Ignores Cover, you can reliably drop vehicles too. Callidus — A lot more sneaky than before finally. Not that useful against armies with lots of reserves but if the opponent has a handful of units coming in, this can throw a spanner in the works.

Her biggest issue is going to be durability in combat but if you can get her into the backfield bouncing around she can prove a very strong annoyance. Culexus — Here we go. Ignores armor in combat; instant death on rolls of 6 or if you are a Psyker to which one already has preferred enemy. In summation: fuck you psykers. If there are opposing Psykers — beast of a model to have. I fail to see how having a special rule automatically makes people assume the special rule is always successful.

Precision Shot dice score A model with this rule may allocate the Wounds it inflicts with any shooting attack that scores a To Hit roll equal to or higher than the score in the rule's brackets, instead of the Wound being allocated in the normal manner. Due to terrible wording, that is so. It's clear what the intent was but GW's staggering incompetence gets in the way as always. And calling intent doesn't mean anything, there are so many instances where everyone else gets stuck with stupid raw.

What is the wording for Telion SM Sgt upgrade? Needing a "6" makes no sense for any of the Assassins, but rules is rules…. I never said intent means playing that way I was just pointing out that is were the RAI base their argument.

Except that you are forgetting that the term for a dice roll that has rolled a 6 is called precision shot. Since it refers to the post hit stage it only makes sense that it is referring to the part of the rule involved after hits, rather than the rule itself.

This is why it is so confusing. The rule references the exact same phrase "Precision Shot" twice and it means completely different things. In this case, the rule doesn't say that the Assassin "has the precision shot special rule" it says that "all successful hits are Precision Shots.

To go further in the rule, it says "Wounds from Precision Shots are allocated against a model of your choice…". His special rule says all hits are Precision Shots. Therefore all hits are allocated against a model of your choice. I agree with this assessment. Cause they hate clarity. Exactly, what the hell is the point of the special rule if not so that EVERY successful hit gets them.

Otherwise they just would have included "Precision Shots" under the special rules category and called it a day. They wouldn't have made a custom special rule and in said special rule simply state that he has the Precision Shots rule.

That's redundant and useless. The Exitus rifle is a Sniper Weapons. It already has precision shots on 6. So it wouldn't even be necessary to put Precision shot under the rules. So just throw it at everything else, it's got hit-n-run after all. The big problem with the Eversor is that it doesn't have any sort of kooky survivability booster like the Callidus and Culexus have, and it can't assault turn 1.

One krak missile to the face and a failed invul save and he's gone. If he'd had some rule allowing him to charge from Infiltrate, he'd have been a contender. Or that. Basically, just about anything is going to end him before he gets to do much of anything. Eversor is shit, Vindicare is meh, Culexus is as you say very hit or miss dependant on the enemy army.

The only real standout to me is the Callidus. Poisoned AP2 templates starting an inch from you is no joke. Doesn't a roll of "1" miss in 7e with no re-roll for high BS? No, all of his hits are precision, not just 6's to hit. That's why they spelled it out instead of just saying he has the "Precision Shots" rule. If he just had the "Precision Shots" rule then you'd be correct. What would be the point in giving him the exact same rule twice?

Vindicare already has the Precisions shots special rule via his Exitus weapons sniper , Deadshot is clearly there to make ALL successful to hit rolls precision shots, not just 6's. Exactly, it's just people trying to be contrary. The Precision Shots rule specifies that it needs a 6 to hit, his special rule overrides that saying any hit is precision.

If they had just given him the "Precision Shots" rule with nothing else, then yes, it would require 6's. Moar recycled rules for customers to buy, YES! No precise shots unless a "6" for any of the Assassins. What good is a Culexus anti-psyker weapon, if you cannot target a Psyker directly?

Can an "Independent Operative" even join an unit so they can hide? Note; this is a "Bound" question. I sound like sad panda…. No they cannot. The Assassins themselves are not independent characters and therefore cannot join units. The "Independent Operative" rule is there to make sure that independent characters cannot join them as a way to hide them. There is no hiding. They are assassins and work alone, not in units. Also they would be borderline incredibly OP if they could join units.

They are very strong models for points and allowing them to hide would be too strong. Awesome, you've just spent a hundred and fifty-something points on a model to fire 4 S7 shots requiring either snap to hit ground targets or functioning no better than a BS5 model against aircraft, FMC and skimmers given that the weapon is already twin-linked.

The Vindicare is the only one with access to precision shot via his wargear, IC's no longer get it automatically. The callidus does get precision strike for what that's worth. Culexus anti-psyker weapons is getting what, 6 or 7 shots if you're shooting at a meaningfully powerful psyker and putting Warp Charge in, and at BS8 you're pretty much auto-hitting. Not being able to Precision is fairly irrelevant at that point, because Animus Speculum combined with a charge from him is going to tear up any MEQ unit, and unless it's something like a man Slugga Boy squad or a man Guard Blob, you're probably going to wreak some havoc in the combat too especially since Psykers are often high LD and therefore boost the squad's LD, so beating them in combat with a Culexus means they're taking additional morale penalties because of the -3 Ld to Psykers.

So, "Nerfed" is only for rules? Grey Knights, and Inquisition also. Culexus has a 12" range, he cannot hide in a unit, he will be dead turn one by Drop Pod for First Blood, etc. If 40K had a skirmish game, Assassins would be hella fun to play, but on the big battlefield with LoW and Knights abounding, alas, they are just expensive Rhinos giving up First Blood. Ummm you're taking the cost for the rules from a very narrow and selfish standpoint. The Assassin rules were needed updating and were going to get updated when the GK codex was launched no matter what.

So from neither perspective of nerfed are you correct. It's fair to say that at least the GK people can get a book, whereas the dataslates largely aren't available on paper; this is bad when you're going to be gaming all day, probably without access to charging points and also assuming you've got a tablet to start with! Making things inconvenient to look up mid-battle just benefits that guy who says "oh yes, orks are T5 and have FNP, didn't you know that?

I don't even own a tablet yet I use many dataslates in my play. I use Be'lakor in nearly every game and I sometimes use the Helbrute formations from their dataslate. If you aren't into paying for that kind of thing you can find them lots of places for free.

If you are willing to buy them, you can buy the ePub version and print them out. Also if you already paid for the iPad version then you should have no qualms about finding a place to download it for free so you have a printable version.

That is what I have with Be'lakor. I have a printed version of the dataslate that I slip into my codex and carry around with me just the same as anything else. It is very convenient and much nicer than having to carry around a stupid tablet. All in all, just because something is digital only doesn't mean you can't get it in print. I can understand why some people would like that but I'd rather just save the extra money and print the couple pages of rules references that I need on the go.

I would never describe a physical, real money price increase as a nerf.


Dataslate: Officio Assassinorum




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