Shakti Gawain. Bringing one's personal life into alignment with the natural laws and universal principles is the great challenge for today's seekers. Information overload, a lack of time, and an inability to connect with essential spiritual teachings conspire to make the journey to consciousness a daunting one. A classic book of days, Awakening is organized around the calendar year and the seasons. Each of the entries is clear and simple, consisting of a heading, a short message, and an affirmation or question.

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Shakti Gawain 30 September — 11 November was a pioneer in the field of personal development. She was a best-selling author and internationally renowned teacher of consciousness. Shakti facilitated thousands of individuals in developing greater awareness, balance and wholeness in their lives. Shakti wrote numerous books considered classics in her field. Through her seminars and her books, Shakti helped people heal and develop all levels of their being — spiritual, mental, emotional, physical — and access their intuitive inner wisdom.

Sharing the ideas and practices that have helped her the most in her own life, she guided others on their path to living more consciously. She facilitated us in finding deeper meaning and purpose through developing our unique gifts and abilities. Shakti was a passionate environmentalist, who believed that as we bring more awareness to our daily lives, we can learn to live in balance on our planet.

She lived with the diagnosis with strength and grace. In , Shakti made the hard decision to step back from her public life so that she could focus on her own healing and spend time with her family. Shakti passed away on November 11, , at the age of 70, from complications related to hip surgery. Awaken Mgr T September 17th, 0 Comments. Awaken Mgr T March 10th, 0 Comments. Influential Past Teachers. Box Mill Valley, CA staff shaktigawain.

Shakti Gawain. Quotes "I am convinced that life in a physical body is meant to be an ecstatic experience. Every time you don't follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.

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Shakti Gawain

Understanding that the world is malleable and at times unreliable, Gawain opens a channel to awakening anchored in the one thing that does not waiver: deep, abiding, wholesome self-acceptance. Here, she charges us with clearing our own earthly path, embracing our inner work not only in service to ourselves, but also in support of an ever-loving planet. For more than 25 years, best-selling author Shakti Gawain has been a pioneer in the field of personal development and an internationally renowned teacher of consciousness, facilitating thousands of individuals in developing greater awareness, balance and wholeness in their lives. Through her one-on-one coaching sessions, seminars and books, Gawain has helped people heal and develop all levels of their being—spiritual, mental, emotional, physical—and access their intuitive inner wisdom.


Awakening: A Daily Guide to Conscious Living

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Shakti Gawain on Awakening to Self-Acceptance

Each morning as we awaken, we have the opportunity to begin our lives anew, with a fresh perspective gained from what we learned the day before and the refreshment from our night's rest. The beginning of each new year represents a special opportunity to awaken to a new level of awareness, with all the wisdom we have gained from the previous year's experiences. Day by day and year by year, we proceed on our journey of awakening into consciousness. Becoming conscious means becoming increasingly aware of what's going on inside us and around us. We've all lived in a certain level of denial, and we are in the process of awakening from that unconsciousness. Consciousness is not about fixing ourselves or improving ourselves.

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