I changed handphone to cellphone since I thought it sounds better but if you don't like that then you can delete the edit. When I read volume 3, I noticed that the Author's Notes was the one from volume 2 however, if I, instead of clicking on Volume 3, click on Author's Notes, under volume 3, I get the right one. Hi, i just wanted to thanks everybody for your hard work, this novel is awesome, i can't stopo reading it. Thank you very much for taking the time to translate this, much appreciated and have read everything so far I want AmixRyuuji Ending!! Q who else want's AmiXRyuuji here?

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Please see Template:Abandoned for further information about this classification. Takasu Ryuuji begins his second year of high school trying to look his best. However, there is one thing that torments him: despite his gentle personality he has inherited his gangster father's intimidating eyes, which often leads to misunderstandings by his classmates. But all that is about to change, on the first day of the new school term he accidentally bumps into the most dangerous being in school - Aisaka Taiga, also known as the Palmtop Tiger.

Despite her diminutive appearance, Taiga has a very negative attitude and has left a "bloody trail" wherever she goes, hence her nickname. After his unfortunate encounter with Taiga, Ryuuji does his best to avoid her. Yet by chance he discovers that Taiga has a crush on his best friend Kitamura Yuusaku, while Taiga finds out about his crush on her best friend Kushieda Minori. And so Taiga decides to let Ryuuji help her hook up with Kitamura as her "personal servant", and in return, Taiga will help Ryuuji get closer to Minori.

Due to Ryuuji's obsession with cleanliness and the close proximity of Taiga's apartment block, besides sleeping, Taiga ends up spending most of her time at Ryuuji's place.

Over time, Ryuuji witnesses a side of Taiga that people normally don't see, and their relationship becomes so close that rumours begin to spread about whether they are going out as a couple. This script is considered an adaptation by Caster13 who is using our script to adapt it into contemporary fluent English with appropriate English context. Jump to: navigation , search. Note: This Project has been declared as Abandoned! Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

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Toradora!:Volume1 Illustrations

Come to think of it, it might be that in the beginning, her appetite for food was what brought them together. It wasn't friendship, nor love, yet could he remember correctly just how this strange, family-like relationship, solid yet complex, came to be? It was Indeed, it was fried rice. It started with that unforgettable but awful night, and then feeding her fried rice at three in the morning. Overwhelmed, he sadly kept quiet.

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Toradora!:Spin-Off 2 Fall Fattened Tiger Chapter 1


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