Use comma , between multiple email addresses. If you're concerned about your privacy, rest easy - we don't capture or store the email addresses you submit. A superb walk that winds through woodland and a beautiful wet heathland. Along the way you will encounter a variety of flora including hakeas, wattles, tea-tree and button grass. A superb loop walk that winds through woodland and a beautiful wet heathland. The trail meanders through the surrounding woodland and at times dips into the wet heathland.

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Bunyip State Park covers an area of around 16, hectares and is located in the southeast of Australia. Towns, villages or cities in and around Bunyip State Park include the village of Maryknoll show me , the village of Powelltown show me and the village of Gembrook show me.

Are you a keen bird watcher? Have you been bird watching in Bunyip State Park? What birds have you seen in Bunyip State Park? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here. As a Bonzle sub-project, we're trying to build Australia's most comprehensive bird location atlas. A big thankyou to all that have contributed and continue to contribute sightings. Bonzle users have said that the facilities in Bunyip State Park include bbq facilities, drinking water, lookout, public toilets and walking tracks.

Do you know of other facilities available in Bunyip State Park? Is this list accurate? Bonzle users have reported that Bunyip State Park is a good place for birdwatching and camping.

Do you know of other recreational activities in Bunyip State Park? Do you know whether any feral animals, insects and weeds have invaded Bunyip State Park? If you're interested in Nature Conservation Reserves then you may also be interested in Forestry Reserves and Deserts. Do you have a photo of Bunyip State Park gathering cyber dust on your hard drive? Why not upload it and share your information with other Bonzle users. Click here to view recently uploaded photos from other users or browse thousands of pictures grouped by themes in Bonzle collections.

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Mortimer Circuit – Bunyip State Park

From to , this area was used primarily for logging. Later it became Bunyip State Park; the picturesque spot we can visit and enjoy today. The Bunyip State Park offers a variety of trails for walking or hiking which range from easy to moderate in difficulty. For dedicated hikers, the park is a part of the Bunyip Weir trail, a six-kilometre track.


Camping in Bunyip State Park

Several areas of Bunyip State Park remain closed due to fire impact. See a green mosaic as you traverse the diverse ecosystems of Bunyip State Park; from heathland swamps to towering mountain ash forests. Explore on foot, horseback, trail bike or in the comfort of your four-wheel drive. Keep an eye out for the southern-emu wren and swamp bush-pea, both rare sights. The narrow trail meanders through dense bush and verdant fern gullies before emerging at a small clearing with views across to Lawson Falls. Bushwalking, four-wheel driving, horse riding, kayaking, rock climbing and mountain biking are just some of the many activities you can experience in Victoria's parks. If you want to try something new or meet some like-minded people on your next visit to a park, contact a licensed tour operator.


Bunyip State Park Visitor Guide

Apart from the Tree Fern Track a bit further on, this is the most dense section of the track as you weave your way through a small section of rainforest. Also worth noting that there is a large tree that has fallen down over the path. You can get around it by climbing over it on the left-hand side. This part of the track is a gradual ascent on a much wider path. The first section of the Tree Fern Track is consists of a closed-in track in amongst plenty of ferns and two reasonable hills. I think one of the things I really enjoyed about the Mortimer Circuit was the varying terrain in each section.

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