Written in response to the demand from clients and astrology students, this book provides an introduction to the financial universe, illustrating the role of the Sun, Moon, planets, and major planet cycles in market movements. Starting with the sunspot cycle and moving on to seasonality charts and lunar trading, she presents information in an easy-to-read style. As viewed from Earth, the planets each have periods when they appear to be retrograde, i. These periods and their correlation with market activity are considered along with the role Mars plays as it moves through each sign of the zodiac.

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She identifies periods of challenge and suggests ways in which these might be negotiated. Using her experience working with clients, entrepreneurs, traders, and investors, she acknowledges the needs and behavioural patterns of different generations—building financial confidence in the reader.

Whats written in the stars this week? Weekly and monthly forecasts. On line since with Daily, Weekly Monthly, Quarterly and Annual horoscope forecasts for all signs of the zodiac written by a team of experienced astrologers. A magazine style horoscope website offering free horoscopes together with astrology articles, astro-news, book reviews and events.

Offers articles on financial astrology and a free newsletter covering world-event and stock market forecasts and delivered at the Full Moon each month. Announces new books by Christeen Skinner with reviews of recent works. Lists speaking engagements and testimonials from students. Charts redrawn to place the North Lunar Node as though it were placed at 0 Aries offer a unique perspective adding another layer to understanding personality and life purpose.

A monthly subscription newsletter is available alongside twice yearly webinars. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Astrological future-casting services. The latest from CityScopes London Ltd. Chapter topics include the following: Preparing and understanding your financial engine Plotting your financial course with planet cycles Identifying periods when it is wise to do nothing versus optimum times to trade Assessing the provisions needed in moving forward Guidance on avoiding financial rocks and potential shipwreck Developing your investment portfolio.

Founded in by Christeen Skinner the company has grown to offer a number of services and operates a variety of Astrology websites, training courses, books and more.

CityScopes Astrology Websites. The author who forecasted the global financial crisis in her original work published in Navigating the Financial Universe. The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe. Exploring the Financial Universe. General Enquiries Contact. Looking for a Speaker Contact. About Websites Publications Contact.


Christeen Skinner

At the start of each trading session, you will receive an email with the author's new posts. A practising astrologer for more than 30 years, Christeen has been looking at planetary pictures since she was nine years old. She is fascinated by the correlation between particular planetary formations and events on earth. Measuring the apparent links between these pictures and financial markets pleases her immensely. She is deeply committed to the development of greater understanding of the potential of astrology and supportive of those researching links between the planets and trends in music, architecture and politics. Christeen is very passionate about confidentiality and prefers to work with only one client in any particular field of business.


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