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With this one, I am having a hard time finding the energy with which to give a crap. I mean, how many repetitive misunderstandings and angsty moments can you have in one novel?

I have lost my patience with this book. He: You are a ho! I cannot trust you! You can trust me because I looooove you! But I have secrets I cannot share with you! You love me! Yet you have secrets! And I should be emotionally healed but I am not! He: Yes! She: There is a man! He is scary! He: I am a spy! After the same man! Narrator: And she wished she had told him of her past, but she would live to regret bitterly that she had not shared her secrets with him, because they rose up and bit her square on her ass!

Candy tells me this is one of her most famous and widely considered to be her best, but I am not in accord with that assessment.

The story opens with a violent, drunken rape scene between the hero and a young woman, and seriously, I almost tossed the book back in the BooksFree bag and sent it back unread. Yet I knew this book was supposed to be so highly rated that I had to at least try to finish it.

The heroine, Diana Lindsay, is a calm and collected country mother, raising her son with another woman, Edith, when they come upon a woman, Madeline, sick and dying in the snow. The miracle of country living cures her, and slowly she reveals that she is a courtesan who fled London after falling in love with her protector. Diana, whose past, including how she came to be living as a single mother in the countryside, remains a complete mystery, asks Madeline to teach her to be a courtesan, knowing on some personally metaphysical level that This Is Her Destiny.

Aubyn, across the room, and they immediately begin a long, hot and sweaty affair born out of mutual white hot attraction. To me, Dearly Beloved reads like a runaway train. I want to stage an intervention with the characters:. And you, too, Heroine: You are not perfect. Do something stupid, fart, burp, get mad, raise your voice, get mad in the face of the hero being an assmonkey. His inability to love and be loved? Caused by his upbringing, and one of his parents was a woman, so see above.

This would be bearable if she stood up every once in awhile and told him he was being an asshat, but she just takes it, and remains serene in the face of his derision and nastiness. Neither of them is a prize, if you ask me. Usually I can read to the end of a novel based on my interest in one of the two protagonists, if the other is something of a butt.

But in this case I was disinterested in both of them equally, and repulsed by the end, even. And no one is that perfect all the freaking time. And that is pretty much all you need to know about the heroine.

But I also demand that the heroine realize something about herself, as well. The heroine starts irritating and ends irritating. And the course of the story is angsty and repetitive, and irritating as all get out.

I realize that there is a loving following behind this book of readers who adored it, so I am hesitant to throw my own review in their faces, but I have to say, I did not enjoy this book. Too much angst, too much drama, to much anger, and no resolution that effectively and sufficiently diffused all that negativity.

The latter scenario does not entirely relieve the bitter taste in my mouth.


Dearly Beloved

A sheltered life in the countryside has left Diana Lindsay restless to see the wider world, for both herself and the son she is raising alone. She cannot marry, but perhaps as a courtesan she will find love and protection despite her painful past. But it is one man who captivates her—handsome, haunted, and harboring a secret as deep as her own. Bound by the sins of his youth, Gervase Brandelin, the Viscount St.


Dearly Beloved by Mary Jo Putney

Good book about two emotionally wounded people. It opens with a young Gervase who, in a moment of drunken idiocy, compromises a young woman. He retains enough of his gentleman's code to marry the girl Diana Lindsey is raising her young son in the countryside of Yorkshire when she rescues a woman lost in a snowstorm. It turns out the woman is a courtesan; her lifestyle intrigues Diana who feels that She served as the art editor of The New Internationalist magazine in London and worked as a designer in California before settling in Baltimore, Maryland in to run her own freelance graphic design business Her first novel was a traditional Regency romance, which sold in one week. Signet liked the novel so much that it offered Putney a three-book contract.


Yet Diana wants only one man—a haunted lord with mysterious secrets as deep as hers. Gervase Brandelin, Viscount St. Aubyn, dedicated himself to the service of his country as a way to redeem the sins of his youth. In Diana he finds warmth and hope, yet he is bitterly aware that she can never be his. Perhaps love might bring them together, but first they must survive the assault of a deadly enemy. In spite of their physical closeness Gervase was remote from her, his expression harsh and withdrawn.


With this one, I am having a hard time finding the energy with which to give a crap. I mean, how many repetitive misunderstandings and angsty moments can you have in one novel? I have lost my patience with this book. He: You are a ho! I cannot trust you! You can trust me because I looooove you!

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