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Rel ea se Da te: A pr. Safety Precautions. This could permanently damage the appliance. Turn the. To preven t electric shock, do not remove scre ws or. There are no user-serviceable pa rts inside.

Contact qualifie d service personnel for. Handle the appliance with care. Do not strike or shake, as this may damage t he. Do take immediate. Turn the power off and ref er servicing to qualified service.

Mo isture may damage the appliance and al so may cause electric shock. Use a d ry cloth to clean. When the dirt is hard to remove , use a mild detergent and wipe gently. The input power source for this device is 12VDC though a powe r supply which opera tes. All the safet y and operating instructions should be read before the unit is operated.

The safety and o perating instructions should be reta ined for future reference. All warnings on the unit and in the operating inst ructions should be adhered to. All operating an d use instructions should be followed. Unplug the unit from the outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners, abrasive or aerosol.

Use a damp cloth for cleaning. Do not use at tachments not recommended by the product ma nufacturer as they may cause haza rds. Do not use this unit near wa ter-for example, n ear a bath tub, wa sh bowl, kitchen sink, or laundry tub,. Do n ot attempt to service this un it by yourself as op ening o r removing covers may expo se you to. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.

Power supply co rds should be routed so that t hey are not likely to be wa lked on or pinched by items. Never push object s of any kind into this unit through open ings as they may touch dangerou s voltage. Never spill liquid o f any kind on the. This is a c lass A pr oduct which may cau. Federal Co mmunication Co mmission I nterference St atement. This equipme nt has been tested and found to comply with the lim its for a Class B digital devi ce, pursuant to.

Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designe d to provide rea sonable pro tection against har mful. This eq uipment genera tes, uses and can r adiate radio freq uency.

Howeve r, there is no gu arantee that int erference will not occu r in a parti cular. If this e quipment do es cause har mful interfere nce to radio or television reception, wh ich can be. FCC Caution: Any changes or m odifications not expressly app roved by th e party responsible for complian ce. This Product is Ro HS compliant. The inform ation in this manua l was current upon publication.

T he manufactur er reserves the right to. Therefor e, all specifications are subject to chan ge without prior notice. Manu facturer is not r esponsible for misprints or typo graphical. Please read this m anual careful ly before in stalling and using thi s unit. Be sur e to keep it handy for later reference. Alarm Input Contacts Alarm Output Relay General RS bus install ation RS socket pin assi gnment EKB connection with netw ork patch cable Speed Dome Installation Network Connection through Patch C able OSD Root Menu Operation in the Configurati on Menus Field Input Options Operation in Configuration Menu Express Contr ol of PTZ Bring a camera to full s creen mode Time Search Event Search Smart Search Snapshot Search Basic Setting Video Adjust Video Loss Built-in Calculator Express Setup Alarm Action Alarm Server Monitor OSD Daylight Saving Installing ActiveX controls Enabling ActiveX Controls This new E verFocus digital video recorder is based o n H.

Compreh ensive features and extended even t recording settings enable the almost universal. These input s include mouse control, front panel contro l, IR remote control and EverFocus ke yboard.

EKB control. PC users the similarity of interactive command of a com puter-controlled device. With the GUI, users can. Simply point, click and drag the playback bar on the screen to playback your reco rdings in. A ll GUI functions can be operated via the front panel buttons or mouse. Hop on the E xpress. R Series Hot-swa ppable model. D Series DVD mod el. Channels 16 9 4. Compression F ormat H. Recording Mode Continuous, Ev ent and Schedu le. Alarm In One per Video I nput.

Alarm Out 4 Alarm Output s. Video Pause Yes. Video Loss Det ection Yes. Motion Detection Yes. Event Log Yes. Watch Dog Time r Yes. OS Embedded Linux. RS YES.

RS Terminal co nnector. Dimensions L x W x H Take a moment to learn where the keys are as.


EverFocus ECOR264-16X1 User Manual

Rel ea se Da te: A pr. Safety Precautions. This could permanently damage the appliance. Turn the.


Everfocus ECOR264-16X1/2T.b 16CH H.264 DVR with DVD/RW, 2TB Open Box

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This item is discontinued. Sold Out: Call for Replacement. Email Print. Comprehensive features including remote viewing directly on SmartPhone and PDA portable devices and extended event recording settings enable the almost universal application of this DVR series.


Everfocus Ecor264 16X1 Users Manual DVR 4605XCOR04004AR


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