First of all it is important to emphasise that the implementation of the bilateral aviation safety agreement BASA between the US and the EU as well as its implementation procedures is the responsibility of the States for their own regulated entities. In addition the MRO has the possibility under its contractual relationship with its suppliers, to request the supplier to correctly implement the BASA. There is a degree of flexibility in the acceptance of release forms with statements that slightly differ from those required by the BASA. The intent of these statements is to clearly identify that the exported PMA part can be accepted under the conditions as stipulated in the BASA. The above statement i is needed for the above case 1. The statement ii is needed to address case 2.

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This includes the shipment, not the export, of a prototype product or article to another country. In all cases, the form is used to promote the identification and traceability of products and articles throughout the global aviation system.

FAA Form is not a delivery or shipping document, nor should it be used for administrative purposes between two persons. FAA Form does not constitute approval to install the product or article on a particular aircraft, aircraft engine, or propeller; however, it does assist the end user in determining the airworthiness approval status of a product or article. A mixture of production-released and maintenance-released products and articles is not permitted on the same FAA Form A mixture of products and articles released against approved and non-approved design data is not permitted on the same FAA Form This will help aviation authorities and industry to ensure complete traceability and ease the movement of products and articles through the aviation system.

FAA Form does not constitute approval to install a product or article on a particular aircraft, aircraft engine, or propeller; however, it does assist the end user in determining the airworthiness approval status of a product or article. What if an FAA Form is lost? Can a copy be requested from the original issuer?

If a copy of an FAA Form is requested from the original issuer, correlation must be established between FAA Form and the applicable product s or article s. The originator must retain a copy of each FAA Form issued to allow for verification of the original data. There is no restriction in the number of copies of FAA Form that may be sent to the customer or retained by the originator. The recipient of the incorrect FAA Form must provide a written request and a copy of the incorrect form to the originator.

The request for a corrected FAA Form may be honoured without reverification of the product or article condition. The corrected form must include the following statement in Block When an FAA Form is issued, a single item number or multiple item numbers for example, the same item with different serial numbers may be used for the same part number.

If the shipment list contains the information required in Blocks 7 through 11, these respective blocks may be left blank if the list is attached to the form. Enter the date that Block 13a is completed, or in the case of electronically generated forms, the date the conformity determination is made and the form is authorized to be issued. This does not need to be the same as the printing or shipping date, which may occur later. The date must be in the following format: two-digit day, first three letters of the month, and four-digit year, for example, 03 Feb The use of slashes, hyphens, or spaces in the date does not matter.

This date format was adopted to prevent misinterpretation of dates among countries with different date formats. If 14 CFR Part 45, Identification and Registration Marking, requires the product or article to be identified with a serial number, enter the serial number in Block Additionally, any other serial number not required by regulation also may be entered. Under what circumstances is a standard or commercial part eligible for issuance of FAA Form ? Standard or commercial parts produced under a production approval are eligible for the issuance of an FAA Form Use of FAA Form for this purpose is recommended, but not mandatory.

The inclusion of FAA Form helps document the airworthiness and traceability of these parts. Could a commercial part be manufactured under an FAA production approval and still be considered a commercial part?

Would producing a commercial part under an FAA production approval invalidate its classification as a commercial part? Login Register. Aviation Abbreviations Glossary. Font size: Larger Smaller Hits: About SofemaOnline: www. Contact us: Lyubata str.


Filling out an FAA Form 8130-3



Form FAA 8130-3 - Authorized Release Certificate, Airworthiness Approval Tag


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