Manual zz. It will also reduce battery performance. A copy of the original declaration of conformity can be obtained at the address above. WEEE Reg.

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Manual zz. Available for download as PDF at www. It will also reduce battery performance. A copy of the original declaration of conformity can be obtained at the address above. WEEE Reg. Your co-operation is vital to ensure the success of these schemes and for the protection of the environment. This product uses LiPo batteries. LiPo batteries are recyclable, and a valuable resource.

To dispose of the battery, remove it and take it to a resource recovery facility. The privacy of others is protected by law and should be taboo. The recording of third party can be an illegal act.

You are responsible for your acting. Micro-SD card min. Equipped with finest Full HD resolution and more functions at the same size, this camera is a highlight especially for FPVfans. As usual, the camera can be mounted even in smaller RC models almost invisibly. The main board of the camera can be connected to your RC model and does not need any further power supply by an external battery.

As an additional highlight, we offer technical addicted camera fans the possibility to program their own camera functions and to develop new ideas. More information is available on www. Test the functionality of the camera before you install it inside the model and keep in mind that the camera does not have an own battery. Be sure to handle the ribbon cable with care. Slide the locker of the micro SD slot carefully in direction of the ribbon cable. Pull up the cover and insert the micro SD card min.

Close the cover and then slide the locker back again. Now connect the camera to a free switchable channel of your RC receiver. Pay attention on the correct polarity of the cable! Please connect the battery to the provided battery socket.

The unit is now ready for use. Please note that damages resulting from improper use or connection of an unsuitable power source are not covered under warranty. Perform this work carefully and be sure to know about the dangers and technics.

Make sure that the used power source has sufficient capacity. The red LED flashes shortly. As soon as the camera is ready for use, the green LED will light up constantly. Photo: Press the Photo button shortly. The red LED flashes. The photo is saved now. As long as the recording is running, the red LED lights up constantly.

To stop recording, press the button again. The red LED stops flashing when the recording has stopped. Battery status: The green LED starts blinking as soon as the voltage has reached a critical point. Memory card: If no memory card has been inserted, both LEDs will flash.

The camera can work with cards that have a capacity of up to 32GB. At 32GB up to 4,5 hours of highest resolution can be recorded. Read data The Videos can be watched in a simple and fast way on your computer. Connect the camera to your computer by using a Mini- USB cable. Switch on the camera. The camera will be recognized as a hardware device.

Your recordings are saved in this folder. The scene grew fast. In the past it was hard to combine working components to get the best setup. Either the range was not sufficient, the model too heavy, the quality too bad or the components just did not work together. To put an end to this confusion, we have designed and developed complete systems to offer you the best solution. FCHD91 - 8 Channels available 5. DIY for makers — Software Programming The camera can be customized according to your needs This is possible by saving the AT- commands directly onto the camera.

More information available at www. Manual - CamOneTec. Notice CamOne Infinity. Camarap Manual de uso. CamOne Argos - Absolu. Service and Support. Download PDF advertisement. Its a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


ACME FlyCamOne HD Screen FCHD02 Data Sheet




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