Jump to navigation. The stringent European and Danish environmental regulations represent a significant challenge for the livestock industry and demand the development of cost-effective mitigation technologies. The new regulations will promote the development of large animal production units with a capacity to manage animal manure with increasingly complex technologies. The objective of this research alliance is to develop such novel, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technologies for the Danish and global market. The aim is to simultaneously recover plant nutrients, to produce organic soil amendments, energy and reusable water and to reduce losses of plant nutrients and greenhouse gases to the environment. Four research components RCs will focus on the following treatment technologies: solid-liquid separation technologies, liquid refining, Energy from thermal gasification of the solid fraction, solid fractionation and residue upgrading.

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Energiforbrug til opvarmning af bygninger. Radonsikring af nye bygninger. Denne anvisning indeholder en vejledning i, hvordan man Denne anvisning indeholder en vejledning i Fundering af mindre bygninger. Denne SBI-anvisning indeholder en gennemgang af de jordbunds- og grundvandsforhold, som er bestemmende for funderingen af en bygning. Den henvender sig til bygningsejere, bygherrer, projekterende og brugere af bygninger. Desuden henvender anvisningen For institutioner, der stiller kapital til Anvisningen giver vejledning for de Anvendelse af faseskiftende materialer i fremtidens bygninger.

Bygningers varmeisolering. Disse principper gi Bygningers energibehov. Energirammen for eksisterende bygninger er et frivilligt alternativ til komponentkravene til dokumentation af , at energikravene er opfyldt ved ESCO, som den benyttes herhjemme, adskill Reduced energy use for ventilation of buildings through selection of low-polluting building materials and furniture. Final Report; Reduceret energiforbrug til ventilation af bygninger hvori der systematisk er valgt lav-forurenende materialer og inventar.

The main objective of the research project was to study the potential of reducing energy used for ventilating buildings by using low-polluting building materials and thereby ensuring that indoor air quality will not be compromised. To quantify this potential, the exposure-response relationships, i. Based on these results simulations of energy used for ventilation were carried out for selected building scenarios. The exposure-response relationships were established by summarizing existing data reported in the literature and by a series of new experiments.

The data summarized by reviewing the literature included data for building materials and furnishing tested in a laboratory setting in small-scale ventilated glass chambers, and in full-scale in ventilated climate chambers, test rooms or normal offices.

Relevant low-polluting building materials were selected based on the literature review and a series of new experiments performed in ventilated small-scale glass chambers. Then the final experiments in which the effects of using low-polluting materials on perceived air quality were carried out in ventilated small-scale glass chambers and in full-scale test rooms ventilated with different outdoor air supply rates.

Simulations of energy used for ventilation were carried out using BSim software. During simulations the ventilation rate was varied to obtain different levels of air quality when low-polluting building materials had been used, and it was examined how these changes influence the energy use.

The results show that the exposure-response relationships vary between different building materials and thus the ventilation requirement to achieve a certain level of perceived indoor air quality vary. Reduced energy consumption for ventilation in buildings by integrating air cleaning and heat pump. Slut rapport. Fang, L.

This report summarizes task 1 of the Clean Air Heat Pump project - modelling and simulation on energy savings when using the clean air heat pump for ventilation , air cleaning and energy recovery. The total energy consumption of the proposed ventilation systems using clean air heat pump technology was calculated by a theoretical model and compared with the reference ventilation systems conventional ventilation systems.

The energy compared between the two systems includes energy used for heating, cooling and fan. The simulation and energy saving calculation was made for the application of the clean air heat pump in three typical climate conditions, i. Real climate data recorded from three cities in was used for the calculation. For the mild hot climate, e. For industrial use, the energy cost of the clean air heat pump may not be favourable due to the industrial price of gas in Italy is.

Energiforbruget i 6 bygninger. I bogen er gengivet rejsens resultater suppleret med oplysninger om bygningernes Bygningers varmebehov 98, Bv Lavt elforbrug til ventilation. Application of phase-changing materials in future buildings. Improvement of energy efficiency and indoor climate; Anvendelse af faseskiftende materialer i fremtidens bygninger.

Forbedring af energieffektivitet og indeklima. Rose, J. Aalborg Univ. Denmark ; Hansen, M. Ingenioerhoejskolen i AArhus Denmark. The aim of the project was to establish the basis for using phase changing materials PCM to improve the temperature conditions during summer in future new buildings. With the implementation of the planned new building codes requiring very low energy consumption passive houses , it will be necessary for buildings to be comfortable during summer without using extra power for ventilation and mechanical cooling.

The project has developed a numerical method to calculate latent heat storage in constructions containing phase changing materials. The calculation method has been implemented in the BSim program.

A functionality to include the effect PCMs has also been added to the Be10 calculation program. The project has shown that good energy savings can be achieved for cooling and heating, but the price of the materials means long pay-back periods. Anvisningen forklarer derfor Modulating ventilation - low cost VAV for office buildings.

The concept is based on the total ventilated area being divided into appropriate indoor climate zones, which can cover from one to several offices with similar climate needs. For this initial climate assessment two relatively ''simple'' tools were developed that can estimate the temperature level in one room from the ventilation airflow, heat loads, etc.

The concept of 'one room' can also be extended to 'one zone' with appropriate assumptions. However, only one mean room temperature is calculated. The different climate zones were equipped with Halton HFB control unit at the air supply and exhaust side.

The project the following feedback options were used: - HFB unit's damper opening degree 0 to 90 degrees ; - HFB unit's current flow; - HFB unit's exhaust temperature; and feedback from: - Frequency transformer fan speed ; - The central static duct pressure at the ventilation unit.

It turned out that information on the current partial air volumes was necessary in addition to the individual throttle settings. Otherwise, a cyclic variations could not be controlled.. Thus, it was the exhaust temperature from individual climate zones that defined the respective volumes of air. Asbestholdige materialer i bygninger. Anvisningen er et katalog over asbestholdige materialer.

Overholdelse af kravene i bygningsreglementet. The note concerns ventilation in residential buildings. Describes components in ventilation systems, electric energy consumption and different ventilation systems with heat exchanger The diagnosis of pulmonary embolism PE is usually established by a combination of clinical assessment, D-dimer test and imaging with either lung scintigraphy or pulmonary multidetector computed tomography angiography CTA.

Which of the two methods to use in PE diagnostic has not been determined Behovstyret ventilation. Fire af disse med mekanisk ventilation og fire med naturlig ventilation. Development of energy economic ventilation system with heat recovery in dwellings; Udvikling af energioekonomisk ventilationsloesning med varmegenvinding til boliger.

Drivsholm, C. The report also treats problems concerning condensation and ice formation in efficient counter flow heat exchangers. The influence of condensate and ice is investigated by measurements on an efficient heat exchanger and different strategies for de-icing are tested.

A computer program is developed to calculate how condensation and frost influence the heat exchange under stationary conditions.

The heat exchanger is hereby legal for ventilation of more than one fire section. CAD drawings of the exchanger are coded to a CNC milling machine and two cylinders a positive and a negative mould are produced. The joints of the heat exchanger are glued and placed in a protecting aluminium frame.

Development of solar collector to integration in buildings; Udvikling af solfanger til integrering i bygninger. A solar collector has been developed in the project. The development of the collector is based on knowledge from previous projects and the idea of combining existing exterior insulation systems with a solar collector part for renovation purpose.

This solar collector especially focuses on the market, which is dedicated to concrete buildings. With regards to commercial utilization of the results the project has building parts manufacturers and solar collector manufacturers in mind. Besides the housing stock the industry sector is an area where gable solar collectors can be used. To get the right link between the manufactured part and the building, an existing building is referred to in the project.

A prefabricated insulation system from Paroc and a liquid heating absorber from Batec have been chosen as the basis of the project. Hansen have been used, accomplishing a sliding joint to the adjacent building systems. A range of flashing, is available on the market, fits to the 50 mm profile.

Based on these choices the concept of utilizing solar energy can be transferred without difficulties to be valid for other exterior insulation systems, absorber types and consumer systems.

Technical details concerning profiles and assembling of solar collectors have been analysed in the project and can be seen from the technical drawings. The mounting of the solar collector will be done by crane so that the work can be done fast and efficiently.

This is particularly important in narrow streets, as here is no need to establish building sites for a long period. Crane assembling is suitable when the walls have big areas without needs for many cuttings and projections.

If there are windows in the gable a vertical assembling of the elements can be the solution as the windows are often placed in a straight line above each other.


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Energiforbrug til opvarmning af bygninger. Radonsikring af nye bygninger. Denne anvisning indeholder en vejledning i, hvordan man Denne anvisning indeholder en vejledning i Fundering af mindre bygninger. Denne SBI-anvisning indeholder en gennemgang af de jordbunds- og grundvandsforhold, som er bestemmende for funderingen af en bygning. Den henvender sig til bygningsejere, bygherrer, projekterende og brugere af bygninger.



Med begrebsdefinitioner og en solid videnskabsteoretisk fundering viser.. Check it out http: Portal hypertension leads to serious complications such as oesophageal bggninger, ascites, and in some patients hepatocellular carcinoma HCC. The hypothesis that it came from Nothing as proposed by Stephen Hawking, among othersproves to be dissembling, since the quantum vacuum can hardly be considered a void. CT is widely used in medical imaging due to high availability, relatively low cost, and excellent diagnostic yield. Om sprog og kultur ved jobsamtaler. This is the scientifically verified law of experience. Medicineringsfejl ved generisk substitution.

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