Modern buildings should offer work continuity, easy maintenance and low running costs; for this reason, boiler rooms characterized by high safety, reliable protection and total compliance with laws are required. In order to satisfy these requests, Giacomini offers a complete range of boiler room components; with it, a single supplier can provide all you need for thermo-vector fluid and sanitary water distribution from central room to room terminals. Collecteur filet ou bride - pressostat de suret, rarmement manuel KY - pressostat de seuil mini, rarmement manuel KY - thermostat de suret KY - manomtre R avec amortisseur RA et robinet porte- manomtre RI - thermomtre RI - doigt de gant R - attelage sonde pour vanne de sectionnement combustible N commander part - attelages pour vannes de suret RD commander part -. KY contact rglable C.

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Jump to navigation. This website utilize technical cookies to obtain information about web surfing modes by users. In this section you can download our catalogues, data sheets, or Giacomini product certifications.

The technical communications only have explanatory value. Giacomini S. The information included in our technical documentation does not exempt the user from following carefully the existing regulations and norms on good workmanship. R - Datasheet. RH - Datasheet. RC - Datasheet. D series valves - Datasheet.

H series valves - Datasheet. VT series valves - Datasheet. VTL series valves - Datasheet. H-VTL series valves - Instructions. RD - Keymark. RF - Keymark. RTG - Keymark. RVT - Keymark. R - Keymark. RC - Keymark. RH - Keymark. RVTL - Keymark. R - Tell. RH - Tell. RC - Tell. The program will start automatically at the current Windows operating system language. APP Connect - User manual. The information about certifications, approvals and homologations featured on the catalogue is purely approximate, it is subject to continuous update and could refer to certain product sizes only.

In case of lack of or unclear information please do get in touch with Giacomini Technical Support. Download area. Note on Product Certifications. Jobs Privacy Legal information Sitemap. Facebook Linkedin YouTube. Global items Search Login area riservata professionisti.


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