The firm manufactures integrated circuits in high volume mostly for semiconductor companies such as AMD , Broadcom , Qualcomm , and STMicroelectronics. GlobalFoundries plans to become a publicly traded company in On October 7, , AMD announced plans to go fabless and spin off their semiconductor manufacturing business into a new company temporarily called The Foundry Company. AMD will own approximately

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Feature-rich semiconductor platform delivers competitive performance and scalability for next-generation compute applications. Santa Clara, Calif.

The features are designed to deliver better scalability and performance for applications in high-growth markets such as hyperscale datacenters and autonomous vehicles.

In today's data-intensive world, there is an insatiable demand for high-performance chips to process and analyze the surge of information produced by connected devices. GF's FinFET offering is an ideal platform for designing high-performance, power-efficient system-on-chips SoCs for the most demanding compute applications. The new platform features will improve power, performance and scalability by delivering transistor enhancements optimized for ultra-high performance and enhanced RF connectivity, as well as new high-speed, high-density memories for emerging enterprise and cloud security needs.

Bami Bastani , senior vice president of business units at GF. The feature-rich enhancements being added to the platform include:. With a manufacturing footprint spanning three continents, GF has the flexibility and agility to meet the dynamic needs of clients across the globe.

GF is owned by Mubadala Investment Company. For more information, visit globalfoundries. Skip to main content. Search form Search. Feature-rich semiconductor platform delivers competitive performance and scalability for next-generation compute applications Santa Clara, Calif.

The feature-rich enhancements being added to the platform include: Ultra-high density: Delivers increased transistor density through continued improvements to the 12LP design library 7. Embedded memory: Offers ultra-high security, one-time programmable OTP and multi-time programmable MTP embedded non-volatile eNVM memory for emerging enterprise, cloud and communication applications.

Using physically undetectable charge-trapping technology CTT enables security solutions including "physically unclonable device" capabilities and efficient non-volatile memories for higher levels of SoC integration. GF's CTT solution requires no additional processing or masking steps and delivers up to twice the density of similar OTP solutions based on dielectric fuse technology.

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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Delivers Custom 14nm FinFET Technology for IBM Systems

In lieu of pursuing a 7nm platform, GlobalFoundries will be embarking on a multifaceted strategy for revenue and profitability. Furthermore, the company has designed two variations of this fabrication process. Whereas the base process used up to 13 metal layers and 9T libraries, 14HP was developed specifically for IBM and tailored for performance at the cost of transistor density, using up to 17 metal layers and 12T libraries. Going forward, GlobalFoundries plans to offer a broader spectrum of technologies based on its 14 nm node.

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Santa Clara, Calif. The jointly developed 14HP process is specifically designed to deliver the ultra-high performance and data-processing capacity IBM needs to support its cloud, commerce, and enterprise solutions in the era of big data and cognitive computing. Featuring a layer metal stack and more than eight billion transistors per chip, the technology leverages embedded DRAM and other innovative features to deliver higher performance, reduced energy, and better area scaling over previous generations to address a wide range of deep computing workloads. The underlying semiconductor process allows IBM customers to enable massive transaction scale of high-volume workloads, apply machine learning to their most valuable data, and rapidly derive actionable insights to enable intelligent decisions—all while delivering pervasive encryption that provides the ultimate in data protection. Our mature and diverse manufacturing capability will enable IBM to bring its latest processor designs to market to service their broad customer base. Erica McGill GF erica.


GlobalFoundries Stops All 7nm Development: Opts To Focus on Specialized Processes



GLOBALFOUNDRIES Extends FinFET Offering with New Features to Enable Tomorrow’s Intelligent Systems


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