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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Quick Reference Manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Garmin. Garmin hereby grants permission to download a single copy of this manual onto a hard drive or other electronic storage medium Take a moment now to compare the contents of this package with the packing list on the box. Page 5 Map Orientation Page 6 Hunt and Fish Water, isopropyl alcohol, or eyeglass cleaner can be used if needed.

If these are used, apply the liquid to the cloth and then gently wipe the screen with the moistened cloth. Page Caution Map Data Information: One of the goals of Garmin is to provide customers with the most complete and accurate cartography that is available to us at a reasonable cost.

We use a combination of governmental and private data sources, which we identify in product literature and copyright messages displayed to the consumer. You can use Alkaline or NiMH batteries. See page 66 for information on setting the battery type. Introduction Page Satellite Page 2. Adjusting the Backlight You might want to adjust the backlight to see the screen better. This data is loaded to the MicroSD Card already installed in the unit.

With optional MapSource City Navigator data, you can view listings of nearby restaurants, lodging, The Waypoint Page opens. NOTE: When you delete a waypoint, you cannot recover it from the unit. Page Averaging The Waypoint's Location 5. Select a waypoint from the Waypoints List or from any other group of map points, and press ENTER to open the information page for the item.

Additional icons appear depending on the optional BlueChart or MapSource data loaded to the unit. Page Recent Finds See Project Waypoint—create a new waypoint by entering bearing and distance from a reference location.

See page 13 for more information. Page 29 Map Information—show the map from which the map item originated. See the Appendix for information about downloading detailed maps. Page Finding A Waypoint 1. Page Finding An Interstate Exit 4.

Select a service from the list, and press ENTER to open the information page for the selected service. Select Save, Map, or Go To from the bottom of the page. Page 33 In place of a city, you can use extended postal codes in select European areas.

Type the street number using the on-screen keypad. Page Finding An Intersection Searching for a Point of Interest If you downloaded MapSource detailed mapping, you can use the All Points of Interest icon on the Find Menu to locate items such as nearby restaurants, lodging, landmark, and public building.

Page Using Tracks 1. Page 37 A message appears asking you if you want to save the entire track. Topo 24K map data is used. Creating a Route You can create or modify a route using the Routes Page, and you can add waypoints to a route from the Find Menu. Select the method to use Manual or Distance when advancing the route to the next point.

Select Manual to transition to the next waypoint anytime while navigating a route. Additional pages can be added using the Page Sequence option on the Main Menu. The standard basemap can be enhanced with MapSource or BlueChart data. With MapSource CD-ROMs, you can view listings such as nearby restaurants, lodging, shopping centers, attractions, and entertainment, and you can retrieve addresses and phone numbers for any listed location.

The following options are available: Stop Resume Navigation—stops navigation and is disabled when there is no active navigation. Recalculate—recalculates a route and is disabled when there is no active navigation. Page Guidance Text Restore Defaults—returns the map to the factory set map defaults. Guidance text To show guidance text: 1. Track Log—set the maximum zoom range at which active track logs are shown. Page 54 The Map Setup—Text Page shows a list of downloaded detailed maps such as topographic, marine charts, and MapSource maps with auto-routing capability.

Spot Soundings—toggles spot soundings on or off on the Map Page. Page Using The Electronic Compass When you stop after a pre-set time , it again operates like a magnetic compass. When the electronic compass is on, a compass icon appears in the status bar.

Page Compass Page Options on the case above the screen and the destination you can see in the distance. Stop Resume Navigation—stops or starts navigation to your destination. This option is not available if you do not have an active go to or route.

Restore Defaults—restores the default settings for the Compass Page. The Bearing Pointer always indicates the direction to your destination from your current location. Page 63 It also helps you avoid hazards to either side of the course such as shoals or submerged rocks. The Course Pointer indicates your course of travel from your original location and the distance off course.

It can also show the ambient pressure and time of measurement. Adjust time and distance measurement using the Elevation Plot Zoom Ranges explained on following pages.

To clear the plot and start again, you must clear the Track Log. Values for time and distance are shown in the same manner as for elevation plots. To view altitude points on the Map Page: 1. Page Reset Reset You can reset the elevation data and the maximum elevation data by selecting these options from the Reset Page. Page Calibrate Altimeter 6. Restore Defaults—allows you to return the page to factory settings.

Use the Tracks Page to set up, clear, or save a track log, or activate the TracBack feature for the current track log. Page Track Page Options As you move toward each point on your route, the graphic show the direction you should move to stay on course to the point. Five scale settings allow you to Zoom In or Out on the highway. To access the Setup Menu: 1. Select Auto to automatically switch from day to night at sunset and change back at sunrise.

Next Turn Pop-up—turns the Next Turn pop-up window on or off. See the Garmin Web site www. NOTE: Before setting up and placing physical Page Calibration Setup Switch to compass heading when below for more than —Select speed and time delay for electronic compass switching.

Page Altimeter Setup The accuracy varys depending on the position of satellites overhead. Page Jumpmaster 12, to 24, feet AGL. More experienced jumpmasters may choose to use smaller numbers while those less experienced may use larger numbers. Page 91 Common values may range from 3.

Select Restore Defaults from the Option Menu of this page to reset the values. Page Proximity Waypoints 2. The Calendar Page opens with the current week shown. You can also have the unit record the lap time based on distance. To access the stopwatch: 1. Page Games Menu Beast Hunt for entertainment. Some games use GPS as a virtual component in the play.

Page 99 These levels determine how often Gekos appear. Page Beast Hunt 5. Some batteries can rupture at high temperatures. Cigarette Lighter Adapter—provides auxiliary power from an automobile cigarette lighter. If you are navigating and comparing the GPS Elevation—The distance above or below mean sea level. Elevation - Maximum—The highest elevation reached. Elevation - Minimum—The lowest elevation reached. Page Speed—Your current vehicle speed can be measured in miles per hour, kilometers per hour or knots.

Waypoint At Destination—The last point on a route, your destination. Waypoint At Next—The next point on your route. Within this period, Garmin will at its sole option repair or replace any components that fail in normal use.


Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx Manual De Usuario



Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx Owner's Manual






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