This manual gives the information required for you to perform servicing and repair operations on certain pieces of equipment yourself. However, we would like to bring your attention to the importance of: respecting the safety instructions concerning the machine itself, its use and its environment, use within the limits of its performance, correct servicing to ensure long service life. During and after the guarantee period, our After-Sales service is available to perform any servicing operations you may require. In this case, contact our local agency or our Plant After-Sales service, specifying the exact type of machine and its serial number. To order consumables or spare parts, use the "Instructions for use and maintenace" manual and the "Spare parts" catalogue to order original parts, the only guarantee of interchangability and perfect operation.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Operator's manual. Table of Contents. Page 5 3. Page 6 Operator's manual The operator manual does not replace the basic training required for all worksite equipment operators. The labels must be kept in good condition. Maintain clearance from high voltage lines or magnetic fields. The owner or hirer has the obligation to renew all manuals or labels that are either missing or in bad condition. If the machine is operated in a hostile environment or intensively, increase the frequency of maintenance.

For any request for information, intervention or spare parts, specify the type and serial number of the machine. The platform is comprised of guardrails and a sliding mid-rail facilitating platform access. Component specific to this machine. Common decals E Nominal voltage Volt REF. Client Tension nominale Batterie- Nr. This machine is not insulated. Maintain a clearance of at least 10 ft. Page Control Boxes N. Refer to the machine model to identify the controls and functions indicators.

The operating speed of the pump is governed by a speed regulator. If the temperature limits are reached, an audible alarm alerts the operator. The movement ascent is stopped. Refer to the Maintenance manual. Page Functional Tests 2. The purpose of the inspection is to detect any defect which could lead to an accident during routine use of the machine.

Find all the function indicators and controls in Section C 5 - Control boxes 3. Pull the E-stop buttons 15, Select the turntable control box or the platform control box 72, 30,. The indicator 31 at the platform control box lights up, and there is an audible signal beep. The release of the selector causes all movement to stop. Page Movement Control - Driving 3. Push the turntable rotation joystick 52 backwards for counter clockwise CCW rotation.

Platform rotation Push the platform rotation joystick 52 forwards for clockwise CW rotation. Raise the platform sufficiently to avoid contact with the ground. Block the turntable with the rotation stop pin located under the turntable. Do not transport the machine if the turntable is not locked. If the machine has been damaged during transportation, contact the transporter in writing. Unlock the turntable rotation locking pin. If your machine was originally delivered with options fitted, replacing a safety component associated with a particular options not require any particular precautions other than those associated with the installation itself static test.

The moment when the machine tips is calculated by combining loads in the machine's most unfavourable position load W applied over distance L. This manual is also suitable for: Ha33je Ha15ip Ha43je. Print page 1 Print document pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


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