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Install Time. Preparation for Installation. Installing New or Transferred Library. End Stop Styles and Locations. Base Frame Lxx Installation. Expansion Frame Dxx Installation. Service Bay 'B' Installation Procedures. Installing Tape Drives. Drive Cabling. Fibre Cabling Canisters. Fibre Cabling Trays. Attach Power and Bring-Up.

Power On And Set Up. Remote Support Attachment FC Completing and Verifying Installation. Manufacturing Problems? Call Quality Hotline. Discontinuing a Frame or Relocating a Library. SCSI Configuration. Physical Interface Characteristics. Using Multiple Buses. Terminating the Bus. Copyright IBM Corp. Windows NT. Fibre Channel Information. External Fibre Channel Device Info. Fibre Channel Attachment. Fibre Channel Cables. Fibre Channel Device Drivers. For Sun Attachment. Introduction If a library failure prevents you from continuing with a procedure, go to Chapter 2, Start, on page 69 to correct the problem.

Return to the steps in this section after making the repairs. If you have a quality problem with this installation, call the quality hotline see Manufacturing Problems? Call Quality Hotline on page Install Time Plan install time to allow 3. Actual hardware install time is typically about 1. All installation and repair call reporting should reference the library machine type and serial number. Installation reporting and call reporting must be completed for each library frame.

The drives are machine types, not features, which must be written off against each drive's serial number. Write off all drive install time against the feature code for which they were ordered. When planning for a smaller installation fewer than 16 frames , consider the possibility of adding more frames in the future. Complete a library configuration plan defining the frame layout before you start the installation.

For a single accessor library, the base frame Model Lxx is always on the left and as many as 15 additional expansion frames Model Dxx can be added to the right side. Notes: 1. The correct initial positioning of the base frame is critical for a successful installation. If your customer plans to expand this library with additional expansion frames in the future, or with the addition of a second accessor, you should take this into consideration when you work with the customer to plan the machine layout.

Door keys are shipped with each frame. The key with the round opening is the customer key for the front door. The key with the square opening is the CE key for the rear door.

These cartridges are shipped with the base frame Lxx. If you are installing a mixed-media library LTO and you will also receive one cleaning cartridge and one CE diagnostic cartridge of the new media type. The diagnostic cartridge that is stored in the reserved slot should be the cartridge type that is used for the majority of drives in the library.

In the event that the other type of or LTO diagnostic cartridge is required, the library requests it. Chapter 5. Installing New or Transferred Library Follow each section in the order shown, unless told to skip a section. Perform each step within a section in sequence. Check off each step after you complete it. Please read the following notice:. The customer should prepare his environment to accept the new product based on the installation planning information provided, with assistance from an IBM Installation Planning Representative IPR or IBM authorized service provider.

The IBM authorized service provider will only perform minimal frame repositioning within the computer room, as needed, to perform required service actions. Be aware that this topic does not give the complete unpacking instructions. For complete instructions, see the unpacking instructions for each frame. Some parts you need are packaged in the packing material and are labeled.

When you unpack the frames and remove the packing material, do not lose or misplace any enclosed parts.

Note: Each library frame box has a Tilt indicator on the side. If the box has been tilted or laid on its side, the tilt indicator is red. If this is the case, do the following: v Unpack the machine v Check for visible damage v If undamaged, install the machine and open a PMH for tracking any problems.

Refer to Figure 46 on page as you unpack the library:. Attention Note: See the information box on page for a list of install instructions used for specific installations. These instructions are also listed here for the benefit of the CE. If you are installing a base frame Lxx , and one or more expansion frames Dxx , unpack the base frame first, then unpack the first expansion frame, and repeat the procedure until all frames have been unpacked.

If you are adding one or more expansion frames to an existing library, unpack the first expansion frame, then repeat the procedure until all frames have been unpacked. Next, unpack the Dxx frame s. Finally, unpack the Dxx frame that will be Service Bay B. This frame contains the second accessor. If you are installing the first Dxx expansion frame in the library, use instructions PN 19P SC "First Expansion Frame Attachment" shipped with the frame for the install procedures.

If you are installing the second or more Dxx expansion frame in the library, use instructions PN 19P FC "Additional Expansion Frame Attachment" shipped with the frame for the install procedures. If you are adding an expansion Dxx frame in an existing dual-accessor HA library, you must use instructions PN 96P shipped with that frame for the install procedures. If you installing the first High Density frame FC , you must use instructions PN 45E shipped in the "L" frame ship group for the install procedures.

If you installing an additional High Density frame you must use instructions PN 46X shipped with the Sx4 frame for the install procedures. If you are not unpacking a base frame model Lxx , go to step 10 on page Remove the shipping carton from the base frame. Remove the base frame shipping braces and packing materials per the unpack instructions. Locate and remove the set of keys taped to the door handle. Open the front door 2. Refer to the unpacking instructions and remove the packing material and tie wraps from the accessor and Y-Axis assembly.

Remove the plastic film from the window at the top inside of the frame. Remove the X-Axis shipping pin located on the lower left side of the X-Axis assembly. Note: Store the shipping pin in the hole 4 in the frame this is not the hole used to secure the X-Axis assembly for shipping.

The pin and cable should remain in the machine. Ensure the shipping pin cable is positioned so as not to interfere with the accessor movement. Move the accessor 5 vertically and horizontally to ensure that all packing material was removed and that no binds exist.

Note: When moving the picker assembly 3 vertically, lift the picker assembly from underneath the ACC card. If you are not unpacking any expansion base frames, go to step Remove the shipping carton from the expansion frame. Remove the parts packed in the shipping carton.

Remove the expansion frame shipping braces and packing materials per the unpack instructions. Otherwise, go to Chapter 6, Safety and Inspection, on page and perform a complete Safety Inspection before continuing. Check the Ship Group.

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