For most vessels, complicated manoeuvres are only made when berthing or unberthing but for vessels working in certain sectors — particularly the offshore sector — the ability to accurately hold station for long periods is essential. To accommodate this need, vessels are fitted with some form of dynamic positioning DP. DP systems evolved over time and did so outside of the IMO regulations. The guidelines have successfully provided the framework on which national regulations and classification society rules are based.

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Search inside document. Soeeeeneeeee see 3 Functional requirements Genera a 7 Power system The Guidelines are not intended to prohibit the use of eny existing vessel because its dynanic positioning system does aot comply with these Guidelines.

Mony existing units have operated successfully and safely for extended periods of tine and their operating history should be considered in evelusting their suitability to conduct dynamically positioned operations. The purpose of a FSVAD is to ensure that the vessel is operated, surveyed and tested according to vessel specific procedures and thet the Feaulte are properly recorded.

DP-vasse1 means unit of a vessel which automatically mainteins its position fixed location or predetermined track exclusively by means of thruster force. Redundancy can be achieved for instance by installation of multiple componente, systene or alternative means of performing function 2.

See Appendix for model form. The Administration which allows any such exemptions should list the exemptions on the Fiag State Verification and Acceptance Docunent FSVAD and communicate to the Organisation the particulars, together with the reason therefor, f0, that the Organisation may circulate the sane to other Goveraments for che information of their officers. The necessery reliability is determined by the consequence of a loss of position keeping capability.

For each equipment clase the associated worst case failure should be defined as in 2. Else, the Administration oF coastal State may decide the equipment class for the particular operation. Normally static components will not be considered to fail where adequate protection fron danage is demonstrated, and reliability ie to the satisfaction of the Administration. Tathiane Miquelino. Isabella Valenti. Dragos Filimon.

Abdel Nasser Al-sheikh Yousef. Bruno Leite Reis. Instituto Certame. Farid Muhamad. Joao Gabriel Schuelter Nunes.


IMO MSC Circular 645 Guidelines for Vessels with Dynamic Positioning Systems

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IMO MSC Circ 645 DP Systems

Ga direct naar Inhoud of Menu. Bij klikken wordt een externe website met een relatieoverzicht geopend op overheid. These Guidelines for vessels with dynamic positioning systems have been developed to provide an international standard for dynamic positioning systems on all types of new vessel. Taking into account that dynamically positioned vessels are moved and operated internationally and recognizing that the design and operating criteria require special consideration, the Guidelines have been developed to facilitate international operation without having to document the dynamic positioning system in detail for every new area of operation. Distinctive identification Name or number. The vessel is allowed to operate in DP Equipment Class This document remains valid until


imo msc circ 645 dp systems


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