IrfanView is a high-performance imgage processing program and viewer. Once installed, it starts automatically by double-clicking any image file in the windows explorer and offers numerous options for the view and processing of images. The possibilities offered by IrfanView are so abundant that a complete book could be filled with them. The installation of IrfanView is very quick and easy. The only part where one has to pay attention is during the final dialogue in which IrfanView asks the user which file formats should be linked with IrfanView.

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Question is how are you connected. Disconnect your printer. Download drivers, Utilities, firmware and Patches. Arrange them in the order you want them. I don't know if you can scan more than one iten at a time, unless you're using the automatic feeded. Some programs ask you, after the first scan, if you'd like to scan another item.

I have my settings on the printer, to scan at dpi for pictures. I scan them using paint. I then had Irfanview open my jpegs. Right click on a jpeg, left click on open with, choose select from list, click on IrfanView and check the box, always open this type of file with the selected program.

My guess would be that you should be able to do what you want with the USB connection. I think you need a program to scan to using ISB but using wireless, you need to use something associated to your scanner.

I tried to add Irfanview to the applications list. I couldn't find what it was called. If you can find what it is called, you may be able to add the application to the Dell All-In-One Center, then use the scan button on the printer. Then it will scan to Irfanview.

I am not sure I can get you an answer for this one, but I will ask that it be looked at. If I hear anything that may help, I will post back. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. I have a Dell AIO alongside a notebook computer with a 2. I'd like to use IrfanView as my program for working with scans.

The menu screen doesn't have a choice to browse the computer to find other sources--if the source isn't in IrfanView's menu, then IrfanView acts as if the source doesn't exist. I was able, through the printer setup software that is part of the , to choose IrfanView as a scanning destination.

However, that solution only allows me to scan one image at a time. And anytime I try to change any scan settings in IrfanView, the program says that there is no scanner connected. So this is a pretty frustrating and slow "fix. I have a post on IrfanView's forum too, but nobody has replied to it after several days, so I'm trying again here.

Thanks for your help. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. PudgyOne 8 Krypton. If USB, I would first try and make sure you have everything setup correctly. Restart your computer. Install your printer. You'll be prompted when to connect it.

Install and patches next. Then the Utilities and firmware. In January , it was diagnosed that I have Sleep Apnea. DellRockstar Welcome to Dell Community! I am a Dell user, just like you are. Thanks for your response. However, you overlooked the part of my response, where I said that the Dell printer software recognizes IrfanView, but not vice-versa. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the Dell software and IrfanView, and everything works well.

All updates and patches are installed. My AIO uses the adapter. Again, the scanner recognizes IrfanView, but IrfanView does not recognize the scanner. I cannot hook up my computer with a USB cable, as I have no workspace near my printer. I don't think this is an issue anyway. I can choose, through my printer interface, IrfanView as my default scanning destination. I can scan images--but only one page at a time--into IrfanView directly.

This is a pain, because it's slow. It sounds as if you are doing the only thing that Irfanview will allow me to do at this time, which is to scan the images using a different program, then mess with them in IrfanView.

This is twice the work. IrfanView supports multi-page auto-save scanning and can connect to various scanners, and I have a scanner feeder. I would like to use them as I have a large-ish scanning job. But IrfanView cannot "find" my scanner. So I don't know what the problem is. I found these somewhere in the Dell AIO directory and copied and moved them around to different directories, trying to trick IrfanView into finding them, but no luck.

I think the answer is in figuring out how to get IrfanView to locate the drivers for my scanner. Thanks again. But you have given me a good idea. I will try hooking my computer to the printer with the USB cable, and see if that changes anything.

This is annoying, because it's gonna be really inconvenient with the computer on the ironing board. But it works. The already is able wirelessly, even to recognize IrfanView on my computer. The problem with this, is that if IrfanView doesn't also recognize the printer, then I can only scan one page at a time, according to IrfanView's default settings.

It's almost as bad as no software at all. It's certainly no better than the default software that came with the printer Dell Print Center. But I'm gonna quit whining and get scanning. Rick, I appreciate your help. Just need to know what the application is called.

The allows me to choose IrfanView as the default scanning software. On the other hand, IrfanView cannot find my printer when it's wireless. I can use the Dell Print Center software to choose IrfanView as a scan destination, and I can choose IrfanView from the user interface on the printer itself. But on my computer, all that allows is for the scanner to scan one page at a time into IrfanView.

I would like to do multipage scans, and also, to use all the other cool automated functions for scanning in IrfanView. But if IrfanView can't find the scanner itself, no go--it won't let you change the settings. On the other hand, if you only scan a page or two at a time, the option of locating IrfanView through DPC is probably okay, since you aren't doing very much.

But, if like me, you have over a hundred pages to scan, I don't want to scan them, then name them, then save them, one at a time. But your USB idea works okay, so I'll go with that for now. I am going to write the creator of IrfanView and ask if he has any ideas. If he does, I'll share them in this forum. I've written Irfan Skiljan of IrfanView twice, and he's replied twice, but sadly, no answer.

Wireless stuff is a bit beyond my experience level, unfortunately. If the scanner is not showed there, means, the scanner driver is either not installed, or do not support TWAIN properly etc.

Mr Skiljan seems to have a bit of confusion about the nature of the problem. Irfan suggests that the driver is not installed--but it is, because the AIO scans well so long as I don't use IrfanView. But IrfanView only talks to the AIO if it is plugged in with a cable, not when it's operating wirelessly. If IrfanView won't talk to the printer, then I can't use IrfanView's scan settings, because IrfanView won't activate these settings if it isn't actively "talking" to a scan source.

Irfan's second comment, "do[es] not support TWAIN properly," is probably the heart of the matter, but I have no idea how to resolve it. As we Dell owners know, documentation is sparse. One of my theories about what the problem is, is that when the computer is connected wirelessly, the TWAIN drivers being used are located in a directory that IrfanView does not search.

Irfan is claiming there's something wrong with my AIO or wireless drivers, which I doubt, since everything seems to function at a basic level. The way to test my theory out is to find another graphics program that will permit me to scan into it. Do you have any suggestions of another graphics program free- or shareware that supports scanning?


IrfanView: Quick Start Guide

Question is how are you connected. Disconnect your printer. Download drivers, Utilities, firmware and Patches. Arrange them in the order you want them.


The Image Processing Software IrfanView

View Full Version : Batch scanning won't work. Okay, here's the thing. I've been using IrfanView because I need to batch scan a lot of images. I have looked up 20 million tips, and asked 20 million friends that use the bloody thing, and at one point, I went through all my settings and changed them to be identical to my friend who batch scans frequently, and she doesn't encounter the same problem. It's really frustrating. Yet I encounter the same bloody problem every single time. I thought it might be a problem with my scanner, but I even tried my other scanner in the room next door also a HP and encountered the same problem.


So, you decided to try out the IrfanView image viewer and editor. To start using IrfanView, you first need to install it. Select any provider you like and save the file. And now:.



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