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Log in Become a member. JBL Product presentation. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Like Tweet Submit. Average Score: 4. Not satisfied with those reviews? Request a new review. Sort by most recent most useful. I have first used to running my music, I was equipped with the latest and it was one of the best I have 35 years and I never find their equivalent.

The curves are impeccably neutral and powerful and precise and dynamic sound when you asked the gain. Some classical music does not allow him to develop.

These are the few friends or lovers addicted technique that gives me the best advice, especially when they do not know where the sound comes from. I paid in Deutchs Mark. Despite their age they are in perfect condition, both in terms of sound and appearance. Only the rear support plate on which are fixed connections is lifted but it's nothing and it does not interfere with the value and incredible performance of the product. I could not part with it Especially against money It now has a history, they are low before in my 7.

I understand they are rare. Yet I have seen for sale secondhand on a garage sale poor and I have had to negotiate the media oak to replace the damaged mine. Did you find this review helpful? They are obviously very good power, and with good watts, preceded by a source of quality, they are a pure joy of exuberant of modern music.

SOUNDS These speakers are anything but neutral, the response curve is not falling on both ends of the spectrum, because they do not go down very low, and LE25 tweeter paper does not go very high either, where the developments that then followed with the soon after their release. In their attack against the severe nervousness of all a pure delight, virtually inaccessible and far from it in another chamber of equal volume, including the brand, even if they have to other qualities missing on The sound is clear and precise dynamics truly amazing if the receiver follows, but you need Watt, and good!

I do not recommend it to lovers of classical music because they sound stage rather than forward, and some general coloring also volunteer to brighten up the area medium OVERALL OPINION What I like most is their vivacity, and the least is their tone color specific enough, though you can see worse in this area with other manufacturers, is more subjective, everyone has preferences and the marriage with the above may be more or less happy In short, the walls of the studio the best known and best-selling in the world While these speakers look good but my first pair which had a few years ago had a problem at the electronic knobs in membrannes faade and have not aged!

Rv pregnant which I often but for me, this era, not the door of my purse. The grave of 30cm has a surface treatment allowing the stiffening of the membrane and providing a low without browning.

Quality manufacturing with an extreme rigidity of the enclosure trs strong compactness due to its thick particle board and careful assembly. The manufacture of HP has excluded all compromise.

Purchase by chance I'm a fan of JBL , a studio that kept its activity. I use them in the monitoring room 75m2 with a stereo amp Denon pma 2xW large transformers that "old" it dates back 70 '. Indeed it is the origin of high-end audiophile speakers.

An incredible return means all instruments with an extremely accurate stereo image in the placement of pan. You can set the presence and brightness by two pots. There's nothing more difficult than comparing listen because too many factors involved to judge amp, shape of the piece, style of music ears Anyway, for me they are fabulous For the report qualitprix seen that I have purchase about f it's all good. I do not part with it I use since , the era I had traded a studio in bankruptcy claiming his gear Use only domestic HiFi.

Sometimes also to play with my guitar electro-acoustic Frequency drives for the curve, I do not know! I never measured ha ha ha! I like everything I have many essay and cost a lot I put 9 because of the 21 kgs that sometimes makes me drool It is a great lover of classical music.

To return my JBL b , it is now extremely difficult to find time. And you tell me the sound, then the!! FOOT, ecstasy, there is no qualifier. My purpose is simple, home j'coute normment music and I also possde studio monitor headphones, especially Beyerdynamic DT , DT Pro ohm and the collector edtion sielber DT PRO numrot of copies worldwide.

J'coute a bit of everything, pop and novelty and variety of rock, jazz, country music. I know it is a crime with such speakers, but hey, it takes dough to s'quiper dignity, one day will come when I will pay an amp worthy of the name. SOUNDS Frquence curve is sublime, the serious and do not saturate the acute and medium frquences own, I can rgler via two buttons at the bottom of the baffles.

What do you want me to critique the ngativement b JBL monitor for me they are perfect. Because unlike the new speakers now, they have been done initially for the vinyl so with a more color and warmer than the cd, then they accptes unflinchingly new technologies without audio problem. But it hard to judge the report because my qualitprix ERRF offered them to me, but I know that the era the liquid market the two pairs he has left and he said my brother re he could not have because he was recommending, he would sell the as opposed to JBL today that are built in Denmark, they have built t United States to import so that the era trs cost money.

J'espre really able to pay me another pair of hand one day. Because it is rare to find trs monitoring speakers of such quality. I worked with up to 66 l. Auratone QC They are super critical but super tiring. I had Bose Hi Fi ct as to program, or the dtendre Auratone is not a. I started at the top to sell the Bose to buy a pair deuxime critical and "relaxing". In the thrift shop that I took over the Bose, there was a pair of I love them.

They are neutral enough as not to flatter and bring dceptions at Coutes ultrieurs on other speakers and they are pleasant. In addition, as domestic speakers, they are fantastic too. I added a pair of Bose I do not regret at all. They are drives by Samson They are my main cost in the rgy technique. Locate each about 2 meters from each of my ears. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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1974 JBL 4311 Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors. Professional Series. If you have any problems opening files please read the download FAQ. All files are provided under strict licence and reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited.


JBL 4311? Willi I be disappointed?

Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. Once upon a time—meaning about 30 years ago—monitors in U. The answer was the , a high-powered three-way, all-cone system that was small enough to be suspended or placed on a shelf or console top. In a matter of years, survey after survey from trade magazines noted that JBL monitors consistently led all others in its share of the studio monitor market.


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