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IVAO Austria SIDs crossing through. RWY N47 RTT 2J, 1Z. At '. D7 OEJ. At or above. D0 OEJ. Due to high terrain in the vicinity of airport as well as along the departure flight path it is absolutely necessary to observe the re- quired minimum climb gradient of. RUM R. Gnd speed-Kts. Meteorological minima:. In this case climb visually either via AB Lctr at. Ceiling: 1 5 0 0 '. Ground visibility:.

Flight visibility during visual operations:. Minimum climb gradient thereafter. Gnd speed-Kts ' per nm. Take-off alternate required. After RTT. Minimum holding. At or. Apt Elev. Trans level: By ATC. Trans alt: '. RTT 2H, 2J. Airway G 60 replaced by L Alt Set: hPa. MDA H ' '. See other side. OEV Rwy Elev: 67 hPa. Apch Crs. ALS out. SEE Refer to. Final descent after D LO D Caution advised outside this area. Apt Elev '.

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Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. VIW 2A. D N48 FL through. N47 KPT. E SNU 2A. D23 KPT. Not flightplanable,. N46 Due to high terrain in the vicinity of airport. Ceiling' Ground visibility: m. RTT 2H. Therefore the procedure requires sufficient. Climb visually with maximum rate of climb along northern side of the valley visual track.

D39 KPT. D22 KPT. This SID requires a minimum climb gradient. Gnd speed-KT. Extensive glider activity. Twy Z basically to be used. Control Tower. Glide Slope.

PAPI 3. All Rwys. Minimum Alt. MDA H. E offset. V OEV. Loc O Crs Upon turn. Due to erroneous LOC indications from D2. T RTT T. R OEV. LOC Descent Gradient. MAP as approved. Missed approach. Upon passing LOC station D0. Apt Elev: 68 hPa. O LOC T KTI I. Descent Gradient. K OEJ.


JeppView : LOWI - INNSBRUCK (13 charts) - X-Plane airport ...

By Copper. I see two issues. What is done in real world? What would you do?


LOWI charts

What a beautiful approach. Using Justsim scenery. In the bus you can get an descent path, but this is no GS. Which LOC do you mean? For this you need DME for altitude control. This means you check "at xx DME I should be at xx altitude". Looks like a glideslope to me.


Innsbruck Airport

Recommend Documents. B loc k. Time EOB. Slo t.


Interesting RNAV (RNP) Approaches

IVAO Austria SIDs crossing through. RWY N47 RTT 2J, 1Z.

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