Embed Size px x x x x A have to contemplate B contemplate C have been contemplating D be contemplated E have been contemplated. A was being instructed B had instructed C will be instructed D instructed E has been instructed. View 44 Download 12 Category Documents. A in case B on the contrary C moreover D whatever E nevertheless 4- the terrible state of the roads following the heavy rains, it is almost impossible to reach the village except in a tractor. A till B so as to C in time for D up to E just as 6- She is one of those rare critics judgements have a common sense basis.

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The influence Freud the generation that followed was even stronger. A a more. B most. C the most. D least.

E the little. There is nothing remarkable the subject matter of his novels, but he will always be remembered his delightfully vivid settings. A The more. B None. C Many. D Some. E Another. He was delighted to learn that people really do appreciate his music.

A any. On the night we went to the opera, Domingo was not singing, but we enjoyed ourselves enormously. B little. C a little. D a few. E much. A in case. B on the contrary. I have to admit I found his argument most disturbing, ? C moreover. D whatever. E nevertheless. A Unfortunately. B Owing to. Before I got to the end of his article I felt I. C Even so.

D Except for. E In spite of. A was to know. B is known. I was lucky enough to get home the thunderstorm was beginning. C had known. D is being known.

E has to be known. A till. B so as to. By the time he his report to the screening committee, others up with better proposals. C in time for. D up to. E just as. She is one of those rare critics judgements have a common sense basis. A what. B which. C whom. D whose. E that. For a while Matisse felt under the influence of Gooier and, later, under of Cezanne. A these. B those. C some. D much. The new Prime Minister is generally regarded as effective leaders the country has had in decades.

A another. B the most. C the other. D one of the most. E more than. Jane Tate will go far in the film world since she has a remarkable talent for even the most conflicting emotions. A depicting. B having depicted. C being depicted. D depict. E having been depicted. Today coffee prices are far below the required rate; hence, growers are unable to pay their debts and cooperatives find it hard A surviving.

B worked. C was working. D works. E used to work. When they heard a gunfire across the border, the relief workers in the camp knew that another group of refugees before long. A are arriving. B had arrived. D would be arriving. E could have arrived. A is being designed. B has designed. C was designed. D would be designed. E had designed. A was losing. B may have lost. C would have lost. D had lost. E lost. The board consist a good cross-section of local business representatives.

A upon. E around. Despite long and tiring discussions, the two delegations have failed to come to terms the issue of refugees. A number of distinguished physicians were invited to give opinions on family planning. A ours. B its. D their. E own. The lecture he gave was highly complicated with the result that people were capable of following it. B a few. C few.


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