Ready light will be on or flashing when all protected zones and sensors are secure. The security system will not arm if the ready light is not on or flashing. Restore power if possible. The armed and exit lights will illuminate. You may now leave the building. Ready light must be on or flashing when all protected zones and sensors are secure.

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If this is not a new panel then you will need to default the panel programming back to factory default by doing the following:.

This requires two keypads as you cannot reset a keypad from itself. To reset the desired keypad you will have to do the following:. You will now set you entry and exit delays for any doors.

You will do this in program location Location 24 has six segments. We will be focusing on only 4. To exit; you will enter. The four segments are as follows:. Zone definitions are programmed in locations 25 to Depending on the model of Interlogix NetworX panel you have; the locations may differ. NetworX NX4 will only have Location NetworX NX6 will have locations Each location will correspond to a set of 8 zones. For instance Location 25 is zone definition programming for zones You will then have the next location for assigning zones to different partitions.

To program the zone definitions for each zone; you will go into each location and input a zone definition into the appropriate segment. This is true with the partition locations as well. Each zone will be its own segment and there will be toggle options that can be turned on and off by pressing the corresponding number. These toggle numbers are the partitions. We recommend, for ease of programming, that you write your zone numbers down on a sheet of paper and then to the right of each zone number write its zone definition.

That way you can just go down your list and type each number as you go. Learning in wireless devices on a NetworX system is a little different than most alarm systems. If you have a receiver that is not brand new then you will have to set it back to default.

You can do this by following the steps below:. To activate the panic buttons for Police, Fire and Medical on your keypad you will do the following steps. These only need set if you have central station monitoring or a way to have the alarm send you notifications.

To label zones so that they display the zone name on an alphanumeric keypad you will do the following:. By default the Interlogix NetworX alarm systems require the use of resistors. We recommend that you use End-Of-Line resistors always as they provide a measure of supervision to each zone and help to prevent tampering on the zone.

This is done by going into the Zone Type Characteristics locations and toggling off an option. To turn off the use of resistors for each zone type you will go into the appropriate location. When entering each location; you will start out in segment 1. The option for turning off resistor usage is in segment 4.

In segment 4 you will turn on option 2. This will shut of resistor use for that particular zone type. Enter the keypad device number from the table below that corresponds to the keypad number then press Keypad Partition 1 Partition 2 Partition 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Product successfully added to your Shopping Cart. Continue Shopping.

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GE NetworX NX-4 Manuals

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CADDX networx nx-4 Manuals



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