Your Polar heart rate monitor is a high-tech instrument and should. The suggestions below will help you fulfill the. Store your heart rate monitor in a cool and dry place. Do not store it. The warranty does not cover damage or consequential damage.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Manufactured by. Press and hold the Back button to return to the Time of Day. Table of Contents. Polar electro f92ti heart rate monitor user manual 40 pages. Polar electro f92titm heart rate monitor user manual 40 pages.

Polar electro f4 heart rate monitor user manual 26 pages. Page 2 Program and relaxation values. Additionally, you can create a Page 4 6. Page 6: Basic Settings 1.

Activate the wrist unit by pressing any button. Press OK. Press OK to start settings. If you select Yes, your settings are accepted and you can start using your Polar heart rate monitor.

If you select No, you can change your Basic Settings. Press the Back button until you return to the setting you want to change. The OwnIndex is based on your heart rate and heart rate variability at rest as well as on your gender, height, body weight, and self assessed physical activity.

Note: Before you can perform the Polar Fitness Test, you need to enter your personal user information and long-term physical activity level in the User Settings and to wear your transmitter. Count exercise count : Based on your OwnIndex and target selection, the wrist unit recommends how many times a week you should exercise. The cursor shows you the Weekly Targets recommended value. Target exercise count per week If you wish, you can change the value with the buttons. If you select No, the wrist unit returns to the Targets view.

Target exercise duration 2. Page Program Settings 3. Program on or off and rename your Program exercises. You can create and edit a body workout with the Program and creating an entirely new Program. Page Creating Your Body Workout 3. Start from the Time of Day display. Exercise is displayed. This section describes how you can view and edit your body workout. Press the buttons to select Program. Page 19 5. Press the buttons to select the movement. Press OK and continue from section Adding Movement.

Cursor shows you the selected movement Selected movement name 6. Page Body Workout Settings 4. In the Exercise menu you can view and record your exercise information, such as your heart rate, exercise time, and energy on or off and rename your body workout. Page Functions During Exercise Checking the Time of Day symbol is displayed if your Target exercise duration Bring the wrist unit near the Polar logo on the transmitter. The time of day and your current heart rate are displayed.

When you have completed all the sets of the movement, press OK. Page 23 After you have illuminated the display once while exercising night mode symbol appears in the display.

The display automatically illuminates each time you press any button or bring the wrist unit near the Polar logo on the transmitter, until you stop recording the exercise. Press the Back button.

Your current heart rate is displayed. Exercise recording is paused. Page Exercise Settings 4. In the Exercise Settings menu you can view and select your next exercise session and settings used during exercise. If you select Vol 2 or Vol 1 the alarm sounds if you are not within your target heart rate zone while exercising. Page 26 OFF: The function is switched off and there are no target heart rate limits during the exercise session.

For further information, see the chapter Data Your current heart rate Communication. Page 29 Heart Rate The following information is displayed: Time in Zone displayed if the Maximum Max and Manual exercise or body workout Exercise name, if the Program exercise or body workout was selected while exercising. Page Weekly File 5.

The Weekly File includes information for In the Totals File you can view your total cumulative Cumulative exercise calories the 26 most recent weeks. Page 31 Total Duration Total Calories 5. Your target exercise duration in the Hard intensity zone Exe. Count exercise count Alternatively, press and hold Back to return to the Time of The Hard intensity zone bar is highlighted Day display.

The relaxation Measuring Your Heart Rate. Page Interpretation Of The Results 6. The results of your relaxation session are always your personal values and thus comparisons should be done against your 1.

Page Relaxation Trend When the trend view becomes full, the next OwnRelax value replaces the oldest. If you want to save the data for a longer The bar corresponds to the milliseconds value period, transfer the Relaxation Trend to the Polar Fitness Trainer web service.

For further information, see the chapter Data Your relaxation heart rate as beats per minute average value of the session Communication. Page 38 Timer Setting Reminder Settings You can set the countdown timer to sound an alarm once after a set time. You can edit the reminder text, date, time, alarm, repeat period, and link an exercise session to a reminder.

Page 39 Alarm: Viewing and Editing Reminders Press the buttons to select a reminder alarm. Depending on your selection, the reminder alarm is activated 1 DAY, 1. If you start from the Time of Day display, press OK. Page 40 Alarm Setting 8. Edit the selected value as instructed in the section Adding a Reminder. Page User Settings 8.

Adjust the day dd or month mm with the buttons. Adjust the year yy with the buttons. In the User Settings menu, you can edit your personal data, weight, height, birthday, gender, activity level, and extra user 9. Page 43 : Press the buttons to set your heart rate value in a sitting position. Page General Settings 8. Volume for Sounds 4. Page 45 Polar Service Center groove. Service only. At the same time, a full periodic check of the Polar heart rate WearLink Strap 6.

If the Polar heart rate monitor still does not work with the exercise. If you feel unexpected pain or excessive fatigue when measuring is considerably higher in water than in other use. Page The Polar heart rate monitor is in battery saving mode when it is dispatched from the factory. To activate it, press any of the buttons twice.

See the section Basic Settings. Products are divided into three different categories according to their water resistance.

Check the back of your Polar product for the water resistance category and compare it to the chart below. Page English Print page 1 Print document 50 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


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