The i offers the reachest visual experience for interactiving with digital content. An advanced collaboration environment provides virtually unlimited digital whiteboard space, the ability to write over any application, options for saving your work and integration with Microsoft Exchange. With the power to share information, capture brainstorming results and distribute action items instantly, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals. Not only does the i deliver crisp, high-definition images, it makes interacting with your files an intuitive experience. Because the i supports Microsoft Windows 7 touch gestures, you can manipulate objects with gestures like zoom, rotate, pan, flick and toss.

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The Meeting Pro software allows you to implement plugins directly in the document. The software converts your handwriting into computerised text using handwriting recognition. The impressive size, picture quality and performance, coupled with DViT technology, creates plenty of scope for presentations and working with complex data.

The supplied loudspeakers provide high quality audio to optimise the collaboration meeting. Magna-Tech Electronic Co. Online purchasing made simple mteworld. Introduction Features Specifications. Whiteboard from anywhere. From their laptop, tablet or phone, they can then contribute content to the board in real-time, as well as see content update as it unfolds on the board. A durable, high quality display that uses smooth, anti-glare glass to create an optimal touch experience.

Presence detection. The display automatically turns on when people are near and turns off when no movement is detected.

Multi-tool, multi-touch. Work naturally by using touch gestures to write and manipulate content or simply pick up a pen or eraser. Two people can interact with content simultaneously.

This powerful productivity and collaboration software enables you to work together in an Unbound Workspace to create, share and interact with your content and ideas.

Touch gestures. Zoom, flick and rotate objects easily — the series supports touch gestures like those used in the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Easily select ink tools, navigate through application specific ink tools and discover enhanced text injection and editing tools.

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SMART 8055i Manuals

Finding the right interactive display for your business, and for your meeting room can be tricky. As well as size, the capabilities of the board always has to meet the needs of the customer. The new SMART range with top-of-the-range features now comes in various sizes to suit your specific room. Due to the smaller size the display can be easily built onto a wheeled-mount allowing for the board to be moved around the office or stored away if not required. The interactive display has been designed to withstand the demands of commercial use. Featuring hardened and a scratch-resistant glass screen, even on wheels the display will still be safe and free from severe damage. This means two people at once can amend a document on the display at the same time.


Smart Board 8055I



The SMART 8055i: The best interactive display for small meeting rooms?


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