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Le nuove dipendenze. The Tissue Consciousness: the Skin. The skin is the indicator of our health and of the wellness of our immunisation system. With the tact we explore the world, we feel the air and what surrounds us, we have a special sensitiveness to the pressure, the temperature, the pleasure and the pain. We feel the sound waves not only through the ears, but also the skin cells which feel the pressure: the Pacini corpuscles, very receptive tact receptors able to notice a skin pressure above 60 Hz and which have the maximum sensitiveness at frequences between Hz and Hz.

The ability of hearing through the skin is very important for our emotional life, since the moment we born: it stimulates the release of dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins, the wellness hormones. At skin level is present a range of receptors thank whose we feel the position of our body and its parts proprioception , so important for the equilibrium and the motion.

From this we learn the motion abilities and we have consciousness of our body and the control of it. Such receptors supply continuously informations on the surroundings, allowing our postural system to know in every moment the position of each bone, organ, muscle or system. Our skin is the first barrier toward the outside and is truly important to take care of it: the skin defends us against pathogens. From the research of Dr.

The techniques have been adapted to make people aware of the importance of the skin and hair care, whatever their age. Also the hair say a lot about the psycho-physical health of a person.

Catalina Dusi and Monica Dolfini Caycedian Sophrology Master Specialists had a speech for the journalist who were at the event, about the benefits for the skin coming from a regenerating and recovering sleep, which is obtained practicing the sophrologic tecniques for the night, and the benefits that also our skin gets with 15 minutes recovery during daytime, through the simple practicing of a Sophrologic Tecnique. This is very frequent: the Dr.

Fabio Rinaldi, Professor of dermatology at the Brescia, Florence, Paris Universities, and President of the International Hair Research Fondation, explained in the 16th February event what happens to the skin during the night, and the relation between sleeping a regenerating sleep and the skin: "at the basis of such processes there are elements who regulate the biologic mechanisms.

In particular way the melatonin, since midnight to around 4 in the morning, is very active and regulates the control mechanisms of the water transit trough the skin, a very powerful antioxidant action to fight the skin aging and even the prevention of the skin tumours. Moreover, to stimulate the awakening, the cells are commanded to produce histamine, which can produce, especially in the sensitive skin, reddening, sensation of warmth, itch.

During the night the sking rests and regenerates itself. During the daytime the skin is affected from internal and external factors pollution, UV, stress, smoke, alcool, etc. The skin can use the night time to free itself from free radicals produced during the day. For the sensitive skin, which has a naturally weaker skin barrier and thus is more reactive to aggressions, the production of free radicals cannot be disposed of even during night.

Histamine over production at the wake up. Moreover, to stimulate the wake up, the cells are ordered to produce histamine. The sum of these two circumstances causes an histamine surplus, which can lead to reddening, warmth sensation, itch.

As a result: reddening and discomfort sensation are more and more present at the wake up. The daily practice of Caycedian Sophrology, for its side, allows to manage the stress and to find the serenity to settle the sleep-awake pace, making the sleep a true detoxifying and recovering pause. Moreover, It fosters the development of a positive perception of the body, the mind, the emotional states and the positive values. For information: sofronicait gmail.









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