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Notebook PC. Introducing the Notebook PC. Notes For This Manual. Preparing your Notebook PC. Knowing the Parts. Top Side. Bottom Side. Right Side.

Left Side. Front Side. Rear Side. Getting Started. Power System. Using AC Power. Using Battery Power. Charging the Battery Pack. Checking Battery Power. Battery Care. Restarting or Rebooting. Powering OFF. Special Keyboard Functions. Colored Hot Keys. Keyboard as Cursors. Keyboard as a Numeric Keypad.

Switches and Status Indicators. Status Indicators. Using the Notebook PC. Models with Sonoma chipset. Operating System. Support Software. Pointing Device. Using the T ouchpad. Touchpad Usage Illustrations. Caring for the T ouchpad. Storage Devices. Optical Drive. Hard Disk Drive. Flash Memory Card Reader. Modem Connection. IR Wireless Communication on selected models. Guidelines for using IR communication.

Enabling Infrared. Network Connection. Bluetooth Wireless Connection on selected models. Wireless LAN Connection on selected models. Power Management Modes. Suspend Mode. Power Savings. Stand by and Hibernate. Optional Accessories. Declarations and Safety Statements. Notebook PC Information. Appendix Introduces you to optional accessories and gives additional information. A few notes and warnings in bold are used throughout this guide that you should be aware of in order to complete certain tasks safely and completely.

These notes have different degrees of importance as described below:. Important information that must be followed for safe operation. Vital information that must be followed to prevent damage to data, components, or persons. TIP: Tips and useful information for completing tasks. NOTE: Tips and information for spe- cial situations. Safety Precautions. The following safety precautions will increase the life of the Notebook PC. Follow all precautions and instructions. Except as described in this manual, refer all servicing to qualified personnel.

Do not use damaged power cords, accessories, or other peripherals. Do not use strong solvents such as thinners, benzene, or other chemicals on or near the surface. Disconnect the AC power and remove the battery pack s before cleaning. Wipe the Notebook PC using a clean cellulose sponge or chamois cloth dampened with a solu- tion of nonabrasive detergent and a few drops of warm water and remove any extra moisture with a dry cloth.

DO NOT place on uneven or unstable work surfaces. Seek servicing if the casing has been damaged. DO NOT press or touch the display panel. Do not place together with small items that may scratch or enter the Note- book PC. DO NOT expose to dirty or dusty en- vironments. DO NOT operate during a gas leak. Do not block the fan vents! DO NOT expose to strong magnetic or electrical fields. DO NOT expose to or use near liq- uids, rain, or moisture.

DO NOT use the modem during an electrical storm. DO NOT throw batteries in fires as they may explode. Check local codes for special battery disposal instruc- tions. Transportation Precautions. To prepare the Notebook PC for transport, you should turn it OFF and disconnect all external periph- erals to prevent damage to the connectors. Close the display panel and check that it is latched securely in the closed position to protect the keyboard and display panel. Cover Your Notebook PC. You can purchase an optional carrying case to protect it from dirt, water, shock, and scratches.

Charge Your Batteries. If you intend to use battery power, be sure to fully charge your battery pack and any optional battery packs before going on long trips.

Remember that the power adapter charges the battery pack as long as it is plugged into the computer and an AC power source. Be aware that it takes much longer to charge the battery pack when the Notebook PC is in use. Airplane Precautions. Contact your airline if you want to use the Notebook PC on the airplane. Most airlines will have restric- tions for using electronic devices.

Most airlines will allow electronic use only between and not during takeoffs and landings. There are three main types of airport security devices: X-ray machines used on items placed on conveyor belts , magnetic detectors used on people walk- ing through security checks , and magnetic wands hand-held devices used on people or individual items. You can send your Notebook PC and diskettes through airport X- ray machines. However, it is recommended that you do not send your Notebook PC or diskettes through airport magnetic detectors or expose them to magnetic wands.

These are only quick instructions for using your Notebook PC. Read the later pages for detailed infor- mation on using your Notebook PC.

Open the Display Panel. When opening, do not force the display panel down to the table or else the hinges may break!


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