Gli accessori e le decorazioni interne possono essere adattate al mercato e ai requisiti legislativi locali. Cabina per ascensore. Cabine passeggeri. Solida e leggera.

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Manual zz. Standards EN The supply voltage must not exceed 24VDC. Each input is protected by a surge of 40Vdc 5 BR V1. The faults are listed in the table below in three categories: Error: failure is self-restorable Fault: not self-restorable need to reset or restart button card BR Fault Stop: requires manual reset required on the action button "RESET" The card is capable of storing up to a maximum of faults, then continues by overwriting the oldest.

Lift reach upper floor but UP phasing sensor not open. Lift reach lower floor but DOWN phasing sensor not open. Lift blocked Lift blocked until Maintenance Man rstore the lift. Increase parameter D4. Increase parameter D2. Check cabin speed and magnets position Increase parameter D3. If it occurs 3 consecutive times it will be blocking fault Increase parameter D3. Err 57 Error High speed contactor error. Err 58 Error LOW speed contactor error. If it occurs 3 consecutive times it will be blocking fault 11 BR V1.

Err 65 Error Selector with encoder Error When lift arrive at floor and leveling wronged about 1cm for Autolearning quote. Err 66 Error Long stop Error.

Err 67 Error Levelling error in lower floor Leveling made for 6 consecutive times. Cabin will be redirect to GF floor. Err 68 Error Levelling error in intermediate floor Leveling made for 6 consecutive times. Err 69 Error Levelling Error Board make levelling but cabin no reach the floor. Err 70 Error Error phasing sensors reverse.

After 4 levelling trials in lower floor cabin not reach STOP zone. Err 73 Blocking Fault Shaft access happened. Check probe working or parameter F1. Check overload, safety circuits.

Current Call will be deleted and new call will be waited. Check run contactor. Closing limit not works. Opening Limit not works. Check CS safety circuits. Incongruity encoder reading in up and down Err Error Selector with encoder Error during Lift arrive at floor in Up direction but not respect acquired quote during Autolerning andmissing sensor ZP Lift arrive at floor in Down direction but not respect acquired quote during Autolerning andmissing sensor ZP Err Error Selector with encoder Error Err Error Selector with encoder Error Synchronization Missed Err Error Selector with encoder Error During travel meets stop sensor that control if pulses are congruent with acquired quote during Autolearning.

If not congruent, in slow speed, lift stop at nearer floor. Err Error UP direction Encoder error Board enables up direction but from encoder received down direction. Err Error Safety Lock openedon floor after 4 trials. C4 Waiting time with opened Waiting time with opened door in sec 1 — 15s.

C6 Side Opening. Max time with photocell activated. D2 Max time forlow speed. D3 Max time for high speed. D4 Travel time sec. D5 14 minutes time. Time to return at lower floor after 14 min lift stopped in a floor. Time to move lift in parking floor 1 — 30 min 0 — 20 tenths of a second.

This timer dipends by selector setted in Par A3 and enabled automatically with intermediate speed Par. D8 Busy time 0 — 10 sec. D9 Holding time RCB 1 — 5 sec. Timer D7 not considered. Timer D7 working. Spedd change is delayed in each floor. D11 Emergency cycle time 1 — 20 sec. D12 K96 Time 1 — 20 sec. D13 TSD time during travel 1 — 50 tenths of a second. D19 Brake release Delay time 1 — 20 tenths of a second D20 Travel contactors release delay time 1 — 20 tenths of a second.

D21 Emergecy Travel Time 0 — tenths of a second. D17 0 — sec. After this time reservation cancelled and error 77 appear. During this time is checked the correct rotation of encoder. Mainly is checked the direction read by encoder is the same BR is giving This give errors , , Safety Switch Activation 1: Safety Switch enabled. H11 0: landing calls always accepted. They are accepted only if input is active.

No possible to reset it I5 Partial travel counter Number of travel made from last reset. I6 Reset travel counter Reset per partial travel counter. Roping factor N4 Reduction 1 — Showed in cm. N6 Distance of Creepless. N10 EncoderError tolerance. Max vallue available on stop point. In this case each selective door is a singol stop so number of call number of call push button is higher than lift floors. If Push button 24v make this connection: 29 BR V1.

For example, to can associate this board to floor 0 it is necessary to push Down button only 1 time. Diode Led D8 is for diagnostic. When jumper J5 closed led blinking each second. Also check - Parameter A8 is setted 2 or 3 Stop in Zone during inspection. If autolearning not successfully completed on board will appear error 35 BR V1.

Make the same to next floors Es: cabin position is higher about 5cm so decrease magnet position 5cm and vice versa If sensor position is lower than magnet center increase parameter D10 and make again procedure until ZP sensor is perfectly in center of magnet.

Example: if distance is lower than 2. This example is referred to speed V7: if board work to speed V7 high speed and deceleration, till floor selected, is too steep it is necessary to decrease D7 parameter, on the contrary if deceleration is too slow it is necessary increase D7 38 BR V1. D13 and change channels A and B in encoder.

D23 and change channels A and B in encoder. SA will be lighted ON to show that alarm is activated. Check opening time , parameter B, is enough. It is a relay with common in CRP. It can works with contactor protected by recircle diode.

AP2 It handles door opening of second car door operator. Max load mA. Checking is made by input AR on BR Max 10 floors. Advised Battery is 12V 7Ah. During power failure board is powered by battery waiting ARD procedure. Consultare il paragrafo Emendamento A3. Door closing control is activated only if ALT signal is active. When lift si stopped input is closed on GND. During door cloosing and during slow speed input is opened. If case of anomaly on this input is generated error 58 for low speed contactor or error 83 for closing door contactor.

When manoeuvre voltage is present, doors are certainly closed and so lift control board can activate run contactor. Usually it is wired with CS. If Automatic doors with cam, it will be better separate CS like cabin door contact and CT connected to landing door contact.


Contatti commerciali

Uncontrolled movement happens when the cabin with open doors, moves downwards; this movement must be stopped in such a way that the distance between the car floor of the cab and that of the landing floor is not greater than mm. The free distance between the upper end of the cabin doors and the landing floor must not be less than mm. Both requests must be satisfied at the same time. MORIS Italia offers three products designed and developed in compliance with the following directives. The block has been designed to accumulate the pressure taken by the hydraulic circuit required to activate the block valve, in case of uncontrolled movement.


Manuale BR100_ENG


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